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    I recommend using game value equipment to get what they are wearing, and then use if game item equals.
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    good riddance 😔
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    Press key on keybroad?

    Not possible. Minecraft doesn’t tell us when this happens.
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    NODE BETA: Function Params Iteration 1

    PLEASE NOTE THINGS ARE TEMPORARY AND CAN CHANGE This item represents an "argument". Type in chat to set the name of this argument, so for example I will set it to "message". Currently, you need to specify the type of the variable. By clicking on it you can see the GUI for modifying the...
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    *digital hug*
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    quitting df

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    Add code utilties to dimonfire

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    Why people don't like the staff team (and how it could be fixed)

    But you need to understand, how in the world are we supposed to moderate this? If you do something outside of DiamondFire there really isn't a reason for this to be moderated by DiamondFire? I think it is unreasonable for you to expect them to moderate something which is totally out of their...
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    vaarwel my fellow oog
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    Our Story 😳 (no nsfw pls)

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    World Plot Testing & Feedback

    Please note, you must be an overlord in order to access Node Beta. World plots require a large rework of the inner workings of DiamondFire, and we want to make sure that we rework it in a way that all of you enjoy. We will be collecting feedback in #world-plot-feedback, reading missing...
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    the frog retires

    My fellow Expert twin, it has been a pleasure with you on the staff team. Good luck on your future endeavors!! Expert twin till end ✊ 😔
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    Dev Blog: What's in store for the future?

    Glad you asked! It took a while but I think the idea I’m thinking of is basically when your plot is updated you’ll get a menu where it asks you to replace lines of code. They will appear as templates and basically say “please place down these lines, they are too large”. The bonus is with world...
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    Dev Blog: What's in store for the future?

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