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  1. Refrizor

    Suggestion thingy

    You can purchase plots with tokens in the in-game shop
  2. Refrizor

    Queue and Ready-Up

    If you want it so when they join the plot it activates the code, you’ll put the code after the player join event, I’d personally put the code in a function and call it within the join event, so if not in dictionary, add them, then whenever they ready up do the logic to check if there’s a certain...
  3. Refrizor

    Sputt time community being funny ig

    Legendary lmfao
  4. Refrizor

    Queue and Ready-Up

    When you add them to the dictionary if they don’t already exist, you can set their value to inactive if you want them to have to use the ready up system in order to be ready. You use the Set Dictionary from Set Variable, then the parameters will mention that you need a value after their key...
  5. Refrizor


    Ayy its fixed
  6. Refrizor

    How can you add a link to a message?

    I think what most people do is either make a thread with the resourcepack link pointing to PlanetMinecraft, and then use the Open Book player action with the full thread URL within the book, or if you are not an emperor or above, you can just use "SendMessage" (example...
  7. Refrizor

    Some questions about this community

    XenForo designers wanted to do a little trolling /j
  8. Refrizor


    Debugging purposes Type Result Bypass A Imgur Fail No B Cached (local machine) Success No C postimg Success No D kek Success No E pixeldrain Success No A: Imgur B: Direct server upload (cached) C: Another external D: External E: External
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    test [IMG]

  10. Refrizor

    Some questions about this community

    Welcome to the forum!! Yeah it isn't too active, although people are still around. I feel that some portion of people prefer to visit the forum cuz it offers a more relaxed atmosphere compared to high traffic platforms like Discord, that's what I gathered, but other times people use it so their...
  11. Refrizor

    DiamondFire Championships 2 (+ Vote)

    I'm wishing everyone luck! ✨
  12. Refrizor

    the chat sucks

    You can suggest it over at the Suggestions area if you want. I can probably make you a super lightweight mod if you want to automatically set your chat channel in the meantime
  13. Refrizor

    Queue and Ready-Up

    Others might have better methods to do this, but I'll tell you a commonly known way, ya could use Lists. You can also use Dictionaries to achieve this if you really want to keep track of different queue states, such as readied up or inactive, and if you want to use that in-queue information to...
  14. Refrizor

    Why do you play df?

    I know I’m not around much anymore but I’ll comment why I previously stayed in the first place, it was community that originally kept me tuned for sure. The endless game creations, the hilarious moments we had in-game and on Discord VC. Life was often chaotic for me, but it got me through a lot...
  15. Refrizor

    Minigame/Plugin conversion

    There’s no official way, I’m trying to remember if anyone from the community made libraries for it, the only thing I remember is people using a language to create “DF code” templates. If there’s none available, I suggest you look into Skript if you’re wanting to create something server-side...
  16. Refrizor

    Add /br snow

    The amount of tickets we got on this and bushes were insane lol. the funny thing is plot clearing never got rid of it either I don’t think lmao. Hopefully a workaround will be here some day, it’s def nice to have them to your disposal. Might just gotta find a way around it
  17. Refrizor

    Receive your forum rank here!

    Psst reminder to only post here if you’re verifying yourself w/ the format or if you are requesting assistance from an admin, the system isn’t automated so it makes it easier for them to filter out messages:)
  18. Refrizor

    Python library for creating code templates.

    That’s awesome! Really cool to see tools like this being made
  19. Refrizor

    I quit

    Hey, have you informed staff management? If you feel that there’s unjust behavior within the staff team, or your punishments were unfairly given, my advice to you would be to compile as much as you can, especially things that can be proven or verified if possible, and you can privately message...
  20. Refrizor

    Dark Mode theme update

    Hey everyone, it seems the dark mode on mobile has some unintended side effects, one being the navigation bar text being grey. If anyone sees any other visual issues specifically on mobile, let me know! I’ll look more into this soon. And concerning the fixed patch notes, will try to roll out a...
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