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  1. Jimmy_The_Knight

    i made a shader (yay)

    I am terrified to run this on my personal computer
  2. Jimmy_The_Knight

    Worldedit Basically

    I don't know what timeline you are living in but you literally can
  3. Jimmy_The_Knight

    A Common problem

    I would say that I mostly agree with this, maybe apart from deleting your projects (you might gain motivation to work on them or even finish them, or you might want to reuse some of your old code in a new project) Here are a few tips from my experience that helped me finish my games: 1: Make...
  4. Jimmy_The_Knight

    How do I make an item enchanted, but not have the enchant glint on it?

    If you dont want players to mess with their armor (and maybe their inventory in general), then I recommend doing: Player click own inventory event -> check whether the clicked slot index is an armor slot (using if variable, there is a game value for clicked slot index) -> if yes, then cancel...
  5. Jimmy_The_Knight


    Hot take: while this could potentially be very useful, I like that you have to test with real players and that there's no workaround. Apart from testing whether the mechanics work or not, you can ask them for feedback, and since they interact with the game in their own unique way they may find...
  6. Jimmy_The_Knight

    Teleport to functions/processes using a command

    Here's an example of how this could work: /tpf [function name] / /tpp [process name] teleports you to the function/process containing the given text (not case sensitive). If there are multiple functions/processes that have similar text in their names, then it opens an inventory menu containing...
  7. Jimmy_The_Knight

    I'm going to sleep

  8. Jimmy_The_Knight

    I need plot ideas

    Immersive stealth game
  9. Jimmy_The_Knight

    teleport to event blocks

    Finally someone said it, I hate going through my 20 layers of code just to find that pick up event (to prevent suffering maybe just call a function for every event)
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  11. Jimmy_The_Knight

    Sputt rank for us OG's

    Im neither a fan nor a fridge sorry :(
  12. Jimmy_The_Knight

    Sputt rank for us OG's

    This guy has to be trolling
  13. Jimmy_The_Knight

    Path Generation on Grid

    I'm not sure if I understand what you're trying to do, but here's how I'd make a tile-based dungeon generation system: - Store the two location boundaries of every structure in a list (kind of like how you'd select them using WorldEdit.) - Associate a block with every single different tile you...
  14. Jimmy_The_Knight

    Bug maybe? Left click event activates twice when looking at a block

    You might be able to fix that by setting a %default variable to 1 when it triggers, then starting a process that waits for 1 tick before re-setting its value to 0. Before this piece of code check if the variable is 1, if it is, then end the line. (I usually call this a boolean variable lock, idk...
  15. Jimmy_The_Knight

    I made the logo in Blender

    Cool but maybe if you add some lights, put some post processing on it (especially bloom) and render it in front of a black background then it'll look better.
  16. Jimmy_The_Knight

    Poll What should I make first?

    Here's an idea for Wizard Wars: the players can also collect spells and spell modifiers, which they can craft completely custom wands from. There's a neat indie game called 'Noita' that uses this mechanic in a somewhat similar survival setting, so I think it could also fit in this PvP...
  17. Jimmy_The_Knight

    Hitbox Problem

    Maybe try setting air there with a 1 tick delay?
  18. Jimmy_The_Knight

    More Game Settings (such as Enabling Spawn Eggs)

    Apart from the beacon one and the arrows getting stuck, these would be fairly easy to recreate using code, so I don't feel like there's a reason to add them, but they could be useful for beginners I guess.
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