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  1. K_Sasha

    5.3 Patch Notes

    Welcome to the 5.3 patch notes! A shortened version of these patch notes can be found in game. Major Additions/Changes There are some major code-related additions this patch! They are listed here. Vectors "Committing crimes with both direction and magnitude!" Vectors are a new code value...
  2. K_Sasha

    Lagslayer Documentation

    This thread will document how Lagslayer works, along with all the other plot related limits on DiamondFire. CPU Usage Plots can use up to 40% to 80% of the node's CPU, depending on the amount of players on the plot. Each player after the first player that joins the plot adds an additional 6%...
  3. K_Sasha

    Number Size Limits

    This thread explains how DiamondFire's number system works, and how large numbers can get before they stop working as expected. Number Size Limits The maximum number sizes are listed here. All limits also apply to negative numbers. Value limit: 9,223,372,036,854,775 (number variables cannot...
  4. K_Sasha

    Entity & Projectile Items

    This small thread will document all of the special items you can use to specify entity and projectile types. Entities This list only includes entities that are not mobs or vehicles. For projectiles, refer to the below section. The item that represents an entity on this list is what you expect...
  5. K_Sasha

    Test Thread

    Yay test thread
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