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  1. Jeremaster

    Joining DiamondFire

    For those who may not be familiar with joining multiplayer servers on Minecraft: Java Edition, here are the instructions for joining DiamondFire: 1. Launch Minecraft and click the "Multiplayer" button. 2. Click the "Add Server" button. 3. Enter "DiamondFire" in the server name field, and...
  2. Jeremaster

    DiamondFire Championship

    UPDATED 12/14. Updates in italics. The inaugural DiamondFire Championship will be a competition showcasing players' skills across a variety of games on DiamondFire. Players will compete in teams of 4 across 4 different events. The competition will take place on December 19th and December 20th...
  3. Jeremaster

    Black Friday Sale

    The DiamondFire BLACK FRIDAY SALE has begun! This is our biggest sale of the year (by a lot). How big, you ask? Here's the rundown on this year's discounts: ALL RANKS are 75% OFF. This means you could get Overlord for $25 USD with NO RANK. If you already have a rank, it could be as cheap as...
  4. Jeremaster

    New Website

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the new DiamondFire website. It is still a work in progress, so let us know if you encounter any issues, please contact @Jeremaster , @Refriz , @K_Sasha , or @Daedalus . Enjoy the website!
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