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    i present to you

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    ottelino exposed

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    count to 1000

    let's see if this forum (a collective of complete fools) can successfully count to 1000. rules are as follows: -you must count in increments of 1. -you may send messages, but every message must end in a number. -if somebody messes it up, we start over. -if somebody intentionally, constantly...
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    Exposing Ottelino

    didnt even invite me back to labs smh cancelled
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    whatsdusty called me unfunny, and my honor has been annihlated whatsdusty you're cringe
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    pupqet is femboy

    pupqet stop killing me in melon king pls i'm an orphan
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    masterpost of everyone on df who is cool

    everyone you're all cool
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    i unboxed an unusual

    yeah that's it it's pretty cool
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