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  1. K_Sasha

    why is DF coding just worse now

    I am assuming that by "if item" you mean If Player: Item Equals. That condition was moved to If Game, and is now called Event Item Equals.
  2. K_Sasha

    The removal of certain features is confusing for me

    I believe the armor stand and item frame change was so that they can be used in builds without players interacting with them. Code comments were removed because it just was not worth fixing them. They are too difficult to use in their current state. Game Action: Spawn Random Item is definitely...
  3. K_Sasha


    Thank you for the feedback, we will be sure to consider your helpful suggestions in the future.
  4. K_Sasha

    Lagslayer Documentation

    Yes, holograms count towards the armor stand limit before 5.3.
  5. K_Sasha

    5.3 Patch Notes

    S4nders designed it
  6. K_Sasha

    Public variable

    It's fine to use a function, he is likely planning to add more onto it. I was referring to the tag in the Start Process block (set the "Target Mode" tag to "With no targets") when I said "run the code on a process with no targets", not Select Object. You do not need the Select Object block.
  7. K_Sasha

    Public variable

    Run the code on a process with no targets. If you are unfamiliar with processes, they are similar to functions. Set the targeting mode with the tag in the start process chest.
  8. K_Sasha

    5.3 Patch Notes

    Welcome to the 5.3 patch notes! A shortened version of these patch notes can be found in game. Major Additions/Changes There are some major code-related additions this patch! They are listed here. Vectors "Committing crimes with both direction and magnitude!" Vectors are a new code value...
  9. K_Sasha

    Guides Collection

    I changed the title of the projectile items thread.
  10. K_Sasha

    Entity & Projectile Items

    Thread updated
  11. K_Sasha

    Guides Collection
  12. K_Sasha

    Lagslayer Documentation

    This thread will document how Lagslayer works, along with all the other plot related limits on DiamondFire. CPU Usage Plots can use up to 40% to 80% of the node's CPU, depending on the amount of players on the plot. Each player after the first player that joins the plot adds an additional 6%...
  13. K_Sasha

    Number Size Limits

    This thread explains how DiamondFire's number system works, and how large numbers can get before they stop working as expected. Number Size Limits The maximum number sizes are listed here. All limits also apply to negative numbers. Value limit: 9,223,372,036,854,775 (number variables cannot...
  14. K_Sasha

    Unlocking DF

    The = character is a padding character Java adds automatically. It does not serve any purpose in this situation. The code data is compressed, and then encoded in base 64 to avoid any unwanted characters that might cause issues.
  15. K_Sasha

    Entity & Projectile Items

    Probably, we want to add a better way of spawning projectiles, but that will probably take awhile to make it into a patch.
  16. K_Sasha

    Entity & Projectile Items

    This small thread will document all of the special items you can use to specify entity and projectile types. Entities This list only includes entities that are not mobs or vehicles. For projectiles, refer to the below section. The item that represents an entity on this list is what you expect...
  17. K_Sasha

    Here's my opinion on 1.16.3

    There is no TPS degradation, performance degradation, or even any security benefits. All 1.16.3 did was make two small changes, neither of which affected DiamondFire. The exploit that was fixed in 1.16.3 was already fixed by Paper.
  18. K_Sasha

    Here's my opinion on 1.16.3

    Optifine has already released a preview version for 1.16.3, you can download it here. We would prefer to avoid using ViaVersion if we can because using the plugin generally introduces a few bugs. Although using ViaVersion to allow 1.16.2 and 1.16.3 players to join DiamondFire will probably not...
  19. K_Sasha

    Should I attempt to make a mod?

    I do not recommend having modding as your first Java project, make a few small games to get familiar with Java first.
  20. K_Sasha

    A General Idea of "Softcoding"

    Just a disclaimer: this is not the correct usage of this term. In computer science, hard coding and soft coding generally refer to bringing configurable values or constants out of your code and into more easily editable mediums such as configuration files or database tables. This is not really...
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