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  1. Jeremaster

    How to fix plot resource packs [SOLVED]

    Is the pack larger than 5MB?
  2. Jeremaster

    Issue regarding player specific variables

    Where are you setting the value of %defaultpower? You'll need to set %defaultpower = something before displaying it. While it shouldn't affect the functionality, it is conventional to put a space in the name: "%default power".
  3. Jeremaster

    Why isn't the subtract block working?

    Subtract takes the var and two arguments (var = x - y). You could put another copy of the var item in the second slot to do var = (var - y). Alternatively, you could leave the items as-is and use the Decrement block (var -= y).
  4. Jeremaster

    Teleporting to Events

    I'm referring to the menu that opens when you right-click an event block; it's the same one you use to select events normally.
  5. Jeremaster

    Teleporting to Events

    You can right-click the event in the events menu to teleport to it.
  6. Jeremaster

    Add /br snow

    Not sure if you've heard us use the term "world plots" before, but we're working on rewriting the plot engine to put each plot within its own world. This would allow us to enable many more WorldEdit commands. Until that happens though, I wouldn't expect the permission set to change.
  7. Jeremaster

    Upgrading plots

    I believe you can clone a smaller plot to a plot of a larger size with /plot clone, but upgrading in place probably won't happen as it doesn't play well with the current plot ID system.
  8. Jeremaster

    The purchase button on the diamondfire store wont work

    Looks like you were able to get it to work; did you have to do anything in particular? I'm guessing refreshing the page or something may have fixed it?
  9. Jeremaster

    descriptions for players

    Currently only staff are able to set their /profile (/whois) info; some former staff do not have the retired rank.
  10. Jeremaster

    Stalker rank request. Read don't ban me.

    We do not offer custom ranks. In the old days of the server we did, but stopped doing so after chargeback issues.
  11. Jeremaster

    1.19 question

    Our goal is always to be on the latest version of Minecraft, though sometimes it does take us a while to get there! We're anticipating 1.19 to not take as long as 1.17/1.18, but as of now we're still seeing some stability issues in our dependencies such as FastAsyncWorldEdit. More info will be...
  12. Jeremaster

    The DF nodes keep crashing on 6/3/22

    Neither actually, it was an issue with PaperMC. We have deployed a patch to fix it so you should see greater stability going forward.
  13. Jeremaster

    Will Creator Points (CP) Be Replaced?

    Creator points were removed because we found that it was forcing a competitive environment on a creatively-focused server. Many players found this to be a bad experience, where they felt restricted in the kinds of games they could create ("will this type of game earn me a lot of points?"). A...
  14. Jeremaster

    Singleplayer & Saving parameters

    In any text or variable name, there are selectors such as %default, %uuid, %damager, which substitute the name/UUID of certain targets such as players or entities. A variable named "%default score" could store a score for each player. To designate a variable as saved, hold the variable item and...
  15. Jeremaster

    Block ownership

    An alternative to the solution @JustSticky posted would be to use a dictionary. To tag a block as owned by a player, you'd convert the location of the block into text. Then you'd put in the dictionary that text as a key, with the player's name/UUID as a value (I'd recommend UUID so that blocks...
  16. Jeremaster

    How do I set a variable to a random value?

    Check out Set Variable -> Numeric Actions -> Set to Random Number
  17. Jeremaster

    More Game Settings (such as Enabling Spawn Eggs)

    I can't confirm if 100% of these are doable, but I think these would fit nicely as Game Actions.
  18. Jeremaster

    How do I change a block to a different block with just code?

    Check out the Game Action block and look under the Block Manipulation category. The Set Block action lets you change a block; the Set Region action lets you set a whole region at once.
  19. Jeremaster

    [OUTDATED] Dev Blog: What's in store for the future?

    Locking this thread as the information in it is outdated; world plots are on the backburner.
  20. Jeremaster

    Patch 5.4.1

    You can submit a ticket (a request for help) here: For the specific case of removing parts of trees outside plot borders, please include the plot ID.
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