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    RemoveListIndex(1) is 10x faster than TrimList(2)

    Thank you, I had an issue with my players spamming @item thousands of times per second, my plot didn't like that very much. You're a lifesaver!
  3. shiverdog

    Remove the jukebox gadget

    This is completely serious. I do not want 1 joke in the comments section. Not one, you hear me?
  4. shiverdog

    Remove the jukebox gadget

    Remove the jukebox gadget. It's very exasperating and makes the average player slightly infuriated. As apart of the community, it is my duty to do my part in restoring the peace of the node spawns. Why? I(shiverdog) abhor the jukebox gadget, it is undoubtably one of the less versatile gadgets...
  5. shiverdog

    Rating all One Shot shots

    smh didn't even take the time to rate lantern, the most broken shot
  6. shiverdog

    NODE BETA: Function Params Iteration 1

    :alien: man im actually really excited to test this
  7. shiverdog

    How to Leave Diamondfire

    help this only works once??? i do follow tutorial then i try again and it doesnt do it??
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    more like pizza butt

    more like pizza butt
  10. shiverdog

    quitting df

  11. shiverdog

    ok chungus

    ok chungus
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    This is an Owen Stone

    This is an Owen Stone
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    Block mining question

  14. shiverdog

    Optifine texture pack for diamondfire

    This would be a pain to keep maintained. Item names and lores change, menus get redesigned, gadgets get added and removed. Also is just straight up impossible without replacing the textures for those blocks entirely. PS: Optifine CIT sucks and custommodeldata is way better
  15. shiverdog

    [Resource] Jere Day Skins

    Wow ok I did not know that existed. I don't regret uploading them again anyways, though, since I'm probably not the only one who didn't know about it.
  16. shiverdog

    [Resource] Jere Day Skins

    At the end of the April Fools "Jere Day" event in 2019 (has it really been that long??), S4nders released the Jere Day skins for everyone to download. For those who are unaware, everyone was randomly assigned a modified jere skin redesigned to look like another character. However, the forum that...
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    [OUTDATED] Dev Blog: What's in store for the future?

    1 complain = 1 more month of development :(( tired of all these greedy people adding more months for NO REASO
  19. shiverdog

    Not a rick roll

    it was a rickoll
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