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  1. Wyzzard225

    How do I make a system that changes a variable when I click a specific menu slot?

    instead of cursor item, use game value: event item
  2. Wyzzard225

    How do I set game-wide time?

    You could also set their head item to a button. That way it is invisible and still stops them from burning.
  3. Wyzzard225

    Receive your forum rank here!

    a) Minecraft username: Wyzzard225 b) Rank: Overlord c) In-game screenshot of your request:
  4. Wyzzard225

    Forums are better than (most) helpers

    df players when they rea df players when they have to recognize that support is all voluntary and therefore helpers are not legally obligated to drop everything and spend hours helping them.
  5. Wyzzard225

    Forums are better than (most) helpers

    wyzzard225 for support (real)
  6. Wyzzard225

    Forums are better than (most) helpers

    1v1 me in lego brick tales demo for who gets helper
  7. Wyzzard225

    Is there a way to replicate "Player Event > Projectile Hit Event" without needing the projectile to be thrown by a player?

    You can use entity action - set projectile owner when you spawn the projectile then it will call the player event. If you want a mob to be the owner, set a custom tag on the projectile that you can then get under the player event - projectile hit
  8. Wyzzard225

    Forums are better than (most) helpers

    If you want support the discord is way better than forums. (no bias) Much faster service and from what I've seen it often has better answers too (no bias again)
  9. Wyzzard225

    Open a door for only one player?

    The weirdo above me is wrong!!!! It is possible but only with the Noble rank. If you get noble you can use player action: display block and set the params to a door and the string "open=true". If you are going to buy noble, do it this Friday. Noble will be 75% off then ($3.75 instead of $15)
  10. Wyzzard225

    Limited Dungeon gaming /join 71793 for a banger of a game!! (very polished)

    Limited Dungeon gaming /join 71793 for a banger of a game!! (very polished)
  11. Wyzzard225

    Setting a amplifier for a potion with variable

    Set a variable to the potion effect then use set variable: set potion effect amplifier
  12. Wyzzard225

    Chunk view distance

    This already exists as much as is possible in minecraft. You need to use a boss bar and enable boss bar fog.
  13. Wyzzard225

    What's your favorite plot and why?

    you see me personally my favorite plot is idle farming simulator (skyminer update) because i get to player a clicker game while i start the loader and skyminer because jeremis came on stream!!!!
  14. Wyzzard225

    Jeremaster is planning to delete node 2 [#SAVENODE2]

    wtf not jere minister we must push forth friends and foes together to once and for all rid this land of such a horrible dictator minister guy
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