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    please resign tomoli 75

    please resign tomoli 75
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    As an AI Language model, I would be happy to help you write a farewell message for "reasonless". However, I must clarify that I am an AI and do not have personal experiences or knowledge of specific individuals, including their expertise in diamondfire making. Nevertheless, I can assist you in...
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    Good bye Diamondfire

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    Let's talk about replayability

    LAPGC4 lacks possibility - it has body (thousands of items) but no possibility for different scenarios, which is why in my opinion it gets tiring fast. I think you have misunderstood my message. Cactus King has a linear progression yet is based on social roles (which adds more possible...
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    Let's talk about replayability

    While I'm sure there's a lot of different factors that define player engagement, I think the most important one is possibility. Let's take Among Us for example: the main engaging hook about Among Us is social deduction. This adds a lot of possible scenarios in the game, multiple scenarios of...
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    Bread King [Inspired by Cactus King]

    why categorize games and their necessity by their genre when they can be vastly different and bring new things to the table? ๐Ÿค”
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    bro i miss you

    bro i miss you
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    drama is more popular than content

    drama is more popular than content
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    A final thank you

    bye owen โ™ฅ๏ธ
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    hi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    hi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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    good riddance

    So lately I've been considering leaving DiamondFire and I did yay here's what's going to happen Staff - i'm retiring My plots - cactus king will probably never be updated, lapgc is dead anyway lmao Discord - i'm gonna stay on the discord server but not be as active this decision was mainly...
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    Creator Points Removal Test (Patch 5.3.5)

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    I hope you feel better mentally in the future. Good luck with your future endeavours my friend ๐Ÿ˜”
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    I hope everyone here has a nice day! Especially @MineOrDie_ :p (happy birthday man)

    I hope everyone here has a nice day! Especially @MineOrDie_ :p (happy birthday man)
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    A compilation of "y'all need to stop with this softcoding stuff" in different languages

    hebrew ื›ื•ืœื›ื ืฆืจื™ื›ื™ื ืœื”ืคืกื™ืง ืขื ื”"ืงื•ื“ ืจืš" ื”ื–ื”: ืืชื ื‘ื›ืœืœื™ ืžืชื›ื•ื•ื ื™ื ืœื”ื•ืจื“ืช ืงื•ื“ ื—ื•ื–ืจ - ื•ื›ืŸ, ื–ื” ื“ื‘ืจ ื˜ื•ื‘, ืื‘ืœ ื‘ื“ืจืš ื›ืœืœ ื™ืฉ ืฉื ื™ ื‘ืขื™ื•ืช ืขื ื”ื”ืชื ื”ื’ื•ืช ืกื‘ื™ื‘ ื”ืžื•ื ื— ื”ื–ื”. ืงื•ื“ื ื›ืœ, ืœื ื›ืœ ืกื™ื˜ื•ืืฆื™ื” ื“ื•ืจืฉืช ืžื‘ื ื” ืงื•ื“ ื›ื–ื”, ื–ื” ื‘ืžื™ื•ื—ื“ ื ื›ื•ืŸ ื›ืฉืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ืขืœ ืžืฉื—ืงื™ื ืงื˜ื ื™ื ื™ื•ืชืจ ื”ื ื•ืฆืจื• ืข"ื™ ืžืขืฆื‘ื™ื ื—ื“ืฉื™ื. ืื ื—ื ื• ืœื ืืžื•ืจื™ื ืœื”ืชืขืœื...
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    OH NO we'll get raided by THE HORIZON the most SCARY 2b2t group which also happened to comment on my video
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    Differences in AwesomeSoundLib and Project: Audio

    uh oh someone's a dreamer
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    developing games is no longer fun.

    nothing i disagree with in this post making LAPGC4 isn't as fun anymore because of the thought that a new game would come out a day after it and get a higher peak of players than any plot of mine *ever* will. seeing the community do competitive tasteless stuff such as "70k cp for next giveaway"...
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    Dev Blog: Where we're at with world plots

    YES!!!! This is taking stuff in such a good direction, I'm glad you guys are scaling back world plots and focusing a bit more on smaller updates :D
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