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  1. LooserRIP

    I fixed the bridge

    it's playable now, also varpurged. I mean it's not amazing top 10 gameplay but we do have authentic 1.8 knockback and some cool maps, and with all the thirst for pvp nowadays on DF i think you can enjoy it! :) /join 38088
  2. LooserRIP

    10 reasons to not dislike plots that you personally dont like

    ok is houd ld probably sleep but here's anexplanation i just went on the forums for like the second time ever andddddddddd its filled with people complaining nowwwwww i'm not going to be a hypocrite but you shouldn't be like "blah blah blah why are people not plying me gam" thats becaues they...
  3. LooserRIP

    What would you want your legacy on DiamondFire to be?

    perseverance is something we all constantly search for; it's what we want people to think of us once we inevitably quit the community. so my question is simple: if you could set a legacy for yourself, something people would remember you for, what would you want it to be?
  4. LooserRIP

    There's... something i need to tell you.

    There's something i need to tell ya'll.. i.. emotionally manipulated you... into clicking this forum post
  5. LooserRIP

    LAPGC 2 - Lagslayer is FIXED!

    Little Alchemist PGC 2 is an elemental 3 remake in DF. people enjoyed it, and it kinda died due to a lagslayer problem that crashed the plot. for a long time i thought the problem was unfixable, until me and WLGRXD came up with a solution! Now that lapgc 2's lagslayer problem is fixed, i hope...
  6. LooserRIP

    poop city by Dubinzi

    Do i really have to say ANYTHING? this plot is a masterpiece.
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