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    Please try joining DiamondFire without any mods, if you manage to join please make sure all your mods are compatible with 1.20.4. Specifically for the 2 mods you mentioned only CodeClient is updated to 1.20.4, for recode you'll just have to wait for a stable version.
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    I farted

    Locked for necroposting.
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    Oh, my dear friend, it breaks my heart to even begin to express the emotions that are flooding through me right now. 💔 Words seem so inadequate to capture the immense impact you've had on the world of DF's development and the DF community. Your dedication, your creativity, your unwavering spirit...
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    closed due to necro-posting
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    king thread

    why do you need to specify a reeason when deleting a comment
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    king thread

  7. RedVortex

    king thread

    am i funwaa?
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    king thread

    opinions on jerald masterio?
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    armcpro's 690th comment!

    armcpro's 690th comment!
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    Don't open this thread.

    doesnt even work smh
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    Leaving Diamondfire

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    king thread

    I didnt know the df forums are actually used-
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    Issue: When KabanFriends exist dey use fawe brush, //thru and schem!! this is very copium and cry for all the other users Reproduction: - Steal kabanfriend's account - Run /ban @a (also //brush but who cares anymore you literally have a dev's account) - Cry Possible fixes: 1. cancel kebabfrens...
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    New developers

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    yes pls do it

    yes pls do it
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    DiamondFire's 7-Year Anniversary

    no i did 👿
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    DiamondFire's 7-Year Anniversary

    Epic gamer moment
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    Happy birthday!!

    Happy birthday!!
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