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  1. poggingfish

    Quitting DiamondFire

    ong someone called me out for necroposting :(((( so sad!!!! i am crying!!! 😭😭 pls no more make fun of me uwuwu uwu owowo :(!11!!
  2. poggingfish

    Quitting DiamondFire

  3. poggingfish

    /plot rent [username]

    still kinda stupid
  4. poggingfish

    Rank is not showing up on fourm

    Thank you!
  5. poggingfish

    Rank is not showing up on fourm

    Anyone know how to fix this?
  6. poggingfish

    /plot rent [username]

    You do know that multiple people can build/code on the same plot right? what is the point of this?
  7. poggingfish

    Add a builder rank.

    Staff aren't on the server to make a whole game for you. They are just here to help, it would totally ruin the point of the server to just have staff members build and code an entire game for you :confused:
  8. poggingfish

    Bread King [Inspired by Cactus King]

    No offense but do we really need more king games? 🤔
  9. poggingfish

    Being able to refrence variables in books

    Player action > Open written book You should be able to do %var(variable) in a book :cool:
  10. poggingfish

    We got a Number one Victory Royale

    Great post.
  11. poggingfish

    add a /loadout or /layout

    Would be pretty useful.
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