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  1. General_Mudkip


    Hey, I decided to write this to let whoever is wondering know why I decided to retire. To be honest I've been contemplating it for the past few months, but due to a whole host of recent events (most not related to DF) I decided to take the final step and retire. I'm not in the best mental state...
  2. General_Mudkip

    Our Moderation Process

    Hello everyone! This post has been written by a few members of the moderation and administration team, mainly to explain how we decide upon punishments for edge cases, where the offender has not gone against any of our rules in specific. We hope that this can answer any questions or doubts that...
  3. General_Mudkip

    Spam Link [Please Read]

    Hello, It seems like a fair amount of users on the forums have received spam links from a foreign bot. The situation has been resolved and we won't be seeing any more bots from the same source, but please make sure to not click on any of the links that have been sent, even if you don't intend on...
  4. General_Mudkip


    2nd time's the charm, right?
  5. General_Mudkip

    Post #1000 !

    1000th thread :) all mine..
  6. General_Mudkip

    Why you should vote for ryanroo2 for president

    ryanroo2 is an amazing person, and is honestly the best candidate that you can vote for. He understands the everyday DF player and their struggles, and will surely solve every one of your problems. Vote for ryanroo2 or you vote for you doom. this is a cry for help
  7. General_Mudkip

    An Introductory Guide To Item Tags

    May or may not have nabbed this idea off of RandomBlock123, so check out his tutorial. Item tags were introduced in 5.0, and have really made soft-coding a lot easier for developers. They basically function like Python(blasphemy I know)Dictionaries, just storing a key and value. In this...
  8. General_Mudkip

    Spelunker BETA

    At the moment it's undergoing some maintenance, but I thought I'd post some cool photos to show you guys some of the game. So yeah, all in all extremely cool game please play and vote kthx.
  9. General_Mudkip

    5.2 - Terrain Gen Tutorial

    So what makes generating terrain in 5.2 so much easier? Well it's mainly based on Repeat: On Grid. In simple terms, this just repeats across each block in a grid, setting a variable to the location that it's on each iteration. Now instead of having to use 2 perlin noises, basic terrain gens only...
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