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    A world where that nonsens is real is not a world I wanna live in.

    A world where that nonsens is real is not a world I wanna live in.
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    How I can detect when I click on a specific item in the inventory menu

    Hey, to check for an item in an item-related event (such as the Click Inventory Menu Slot Item Event) you can use the IfGame: Event Item Equals condition to check if a specific item was clicked. To check for a slot, you can use the gamevalue „Event Clicked Slot Index“ in an IfVar condition...
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    how to support request 101

    I have seen that many people do the same mistake... rejoining queue We are getting 2 messages ("person left the queue", "person joined the queue") and we know that waiting in support queue for a long time is frustrating, but rejoining the queue is a bad idea and here is why: 1. You are trying...
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    How do you have multiple right click events?

    You can use functions to extend your lines of codes. Simply put a "Call Function" at the end of your code line, a "Function" block as "event block" in a new line, give it a name by right-clicking the sign with a named text value. Then you just have to either way give that name the Call Function...
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    The "Not Arrow" Won't Work For Me

    Hey, if you're having coding problems or don't know how to code something, you can always use /support request in dev mode and someone from the support team will help you :)
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    Visual Effects

    If you have the hit location just use the player action: Play Particle Line found in Particle Effects iirc. put your particle item, shooter location and victim location inside the chest and shift-rclick the sign to set targets to all (in case you want every player to see the particles) if you...
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    Mental health plot: Looking for devs & builders

    I really like the idea and I can also only help developing the plot. If you are planning to support multiple languages, I will also add German translations.
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    If Player : Item Lore Equals

    well I think you can just use already existing variable actions for that. for example ifplayer: ifholding { getItemLore (varname, main-hand-item 'attacker') IfVariable: ListIndexEquals (varname, lore line index, text){ action,}} does require only 1 more Codeblock you can also use IfVariable...
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