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  1. DiamondFire Admins

    Admin team change

    Hey everyone! We are proud to announce the return of @MrMine05 to the DiamondFire Admin team! He will be working with @Numero on events. He's got some awesome plans, and we hope everyone gives him a warm welcome back! For more information on DiamondFire events, stay tuned here on the forums...
  2. DiamondFire Admins

    Admin team announcement

    We want to give @Numero a big welcome to the admin team! He has shown extreme dedication to the staff team for several years, and is a well known member of this community. He will be taking @Refriz's position as an Events Manager, and Refriz will be moving to a position of Community Manager...
  3. DiamondFire Admins

    Merry Christmas!

    Hi everyone, On behalf of the admin and events team, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas! All of you are amazing, and this community continues to thrive and every year we are amazed by the creativity that you plot content creators bring. Stay safe, have fun, hang out with loved ones, and...
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