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    /plot wall

    Its painful to make walls with //wall because of limit, please yes
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    Dev Blog: Where we're at with world plots

    Hey guys its been a minute do skymines die in 5 minutes yet?
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    the frog retires

    Life ended this day
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    Update to 1.17.1 so that we can use 1.17 blocks.
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    Cross-plot Vars

    Cross-plot vars would be a new variable type, you would set it, and then it would bring a menu up and you select the plots YOU OWN it affects. This would open up the world of multi-servers for a popular game, and also you could have rewards for playing some of your other games. For example: You...
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    Say a DF coding block by describing it

    Block: Stops a loop
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    SeaRig is a game on diamondfire by Omtegu, what you do in this game is: Fight zombies. Gather resources. And fight others! Now the game is a bit like a skymine, but hence the name on the sea, also Zombies spawn for you to fight. UPDATE LOG: Beta 1: Wood, Cobblestone, Iron, Gold, Diamond...
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    Why is lucky block pvp so popular?

    I played Lucky Block PVP on the first ad, played for like 3 seconds and left.
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    Don't break the chain

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    Don't break the chain

    Fat Mom
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    Why generic plots are more popular than others.

    (The forum post by Sputt gave me this idea, but you'll see that this has a lot of my own opinions and more examples) So you will notice that a few days ago, all the plots on trending were either a...
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    Destroy a wish! 2020 edition

    Ungranted. I wish for infinite wishes
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    The Never-Ending Story

    Once upon a dumb mom dad XTerPL mom
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    Destroy a wish! 2020 edition

    Granted I wish for 3 wishes
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    The Never-Ending Story

    Once soon a time
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    Destroy a wish! 2020 edition

    Granted u are banned from diamondfire instead
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    The Never-Ending Story

    I didn’t post farm and instead stabbed mysef
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    Your mom proof

    Your mom proof
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