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    Staff reply shortcut to ban appeals

    I'm pretty sure nodes are the general categories that each section falls into. At the moment the publicly accessible ones are Official, Server, Community, and Staff
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    Thank you all for the kind words :)
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    Hey, I decided to write this to let whoever is wondering know why I decided to retire. To be honest I've been contemplating it for the past few months, but due to a whole host of recent events (most not related to DF) I decided to take the final step and retire. I'm not in the best mental state...
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    I got freaking nerfed in lucky block rip

    How did they nerf a player
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    Favorite chocolate?

    Kinder Schoko-Bons 👌
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    How do I deal damage to a player if the player touches a particle ray?

    I'm pretty sure there's a Select Object (purpur block) which allows you to select entities that intersect a raycast.
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    Differences in AwesomeSoundLib and Project: Audio

    Locked as this is just pointless bickering. Cool mod though
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    Resetting Vulcan

    Shortening var names (but not to the point of illegibility), removing redundant saved variables, and finding ways to optimise your code (as ARMcPro commented above) all help to decrease the memory usage of your plot. Unfortunately if your game is complex enough and has enough players then it's...
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    Transfering my df information to a new account

    Yes, as long as you're comfortable with your old account being banned then you can reach out to an admin and have them transfer your data over to a new account.
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    You guys are still going?
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    Our Moderation Process

    Hello everyone! This post has been written by a few members of the moderation and administration team, mainly to explain how we decide upon punishments for edge cases, where the offender has not gone against any of our rules in specific. We hope that this can answer any questions or doubts that...
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    How do i make backpacks

    I'd recommend trying to do it for yourself and if you can't find a solution to request for support on the server, using /support request. This feature is quite complex and there are quite a few ways of doing it.
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    How can you get custom potions?

    Please post support threads in the support section.
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    > Literally just increased the amount of people that can message him
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    Why people don't like the staff team (and how it could be fixed)

    This was one of the few times we actually decided to step outside our jurisdiction and took it as evidence. The rules of the Discord server and the Minecraft server do say that we have discretion when it comes to applying punishments. As I have said before, almost all of the punishments that...
  16. General_Mudkip

    Why people don't like the staff team (and how it could be fixed)

    The reasoning behind the ban was a lot more complex and involved a lot more than just one paragraph. He already had an extensive history and a reputation so we, as an entire team, decided that it would be better for the server if he were banned. As moderators we have to make decisions that...
  17. General_Mudkip

    Why people don't like the staff team (and how it could be fixed)

    And saying that "You are literally the most biased person" without providing any proof doesn't help your case. Give us some examples of bias and we can explain our thought process.
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