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  1. Owen

    NODE BETA: Function Params Iteration 1

    PLEASE NOTE THINGS ARE TEMPORARY AND CAN CHANGE This item represents an "argument". Type in chat to set the name of this argument, so for example I will set it to "message". Currently, you need to specify the type of the variable. By clicking on it you can see the GUI for modifying the...
  2. Owen

    World Plot Testing & Feedback

    Please note, you must be an overlord in order to access Node Beta. World plots require a large rework of the inner workings of DiamondFire, and we want to make sure that we rework it in a way that all of you enjoy. We will be collecting feedback in #world-plot-feedback, reading missing...
  3. Owen

    Dev Blog: What's in store for the future?

    _______________________________________________________________ Please note that information shared in this blog is not final and may change at any time! _______________________________________________________________ Hi all! Today we're going to talk about a big update coming to DiamondFire...
  4. Owen

    April Fools Amongus Skins

    Here are the skins that were used in the DiamondFire Amongus Event. Black Blue Brown Cyan Green Lime Orange Pink Purple Red White Yellow They are free for you to use!
  5. Owen

    Code Template Manipulation

    In this tutorial, I will go over how to be able to edit code templates and manipulate using NBT Editor. Recommended Programs: NBT Explorer (For inserting the new code template into a toolbar item) Text Editor (Copying code/Editing Code) Accessing the NBT Data To edit a template, we must...
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