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  1. NineOfGaming

    how to make animated test

    is there a more efficient way to make animated texts other than to do (player action, show action bar test, and repeat that over and over and over and add one single letter every time until its done)?
  2. NineOfGaming

    is there a way to use a specific game music song

    so like not a random one for example if i want just the sweden song to play (just an example) but it just uses a random one from overworld music, is there a way to just make it play only one specific song?
  3. NineOfGaming

    How does tab list info work correctly

    because every time i try to make it display something like this it turns into something like that how does it work
  4. NineOfGaming

    Make item lore show variable

    how do i make the lore of an item display the value of a variable
  5. NineOfGaming

    is there a way to delet a plot

    like delet not clear or clone ore something
  6. NineOfGaming

    Save bottom three rows

    How do i save the bottom three rows of an extended inventory action i know how to save the top three but it wont save the bottom three
  7. NineOfGaming

    Is there a way to detect...

    1. a player picking up an experience orb 2. a player using an anvil (rename,enchant,repair doesn't mater)
  8. NineOfGaming

    Make mob change weapon

    how do i make a mob use a bow if its further away from a player and use a sword if its near a player
  9. NineOfGaming

    How do i make backpacks

  10. NineOfGaming

    custom map thing

    how do i get a custom map because its not explained anywhere and its really annoying because it is possible somehow because i have seen it but how does it work
  11. NineOfGaming

    Change players render distance

    how do i change a players render distance because i have seen other games do it but dont know how it works
  12. NineOfGaming

    why does my plot keep crashing

    i dont know what causes this but sometimes when i go in play mode on one of my plots it kicks me out of the server and shows me this message and i dont know what causes this like is it something in my code is it a problem with the server or is it something else
  13. NineOfGaming

    make mob always know the location of the nearest player

    is i possible to make a mob (for example a zombie) always know the location of the nearest player and go towards them and attack no matter how far away they are?
  14. NineOfGaming

    Codeline Just Stops when it gets to a function that has a repeat inside

    like the title whenever i have a function in any codeline that has a repeat thing anywhere inside of it (the function) everything after that function just wont be used, does anyone know how to fix that? (the only thing i found that works a bit is to put that function at the end but i want to...
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