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  1. MineOrDie_


    Out of curiosity, may I know what makes Skyminers popular and so "fun"? (I'm not criticizing, just being curious) I mean, it's just breaking blocks without even being able to place them, a few basic crafting (mostly vanilla) and a bit of pvp, nothing more right ? Apart from the pvp, there's no...
  2. MineOrDie_

    qxeii (d)dos megathread

    Talk about qx doing bad things here ok bye
  3. MineOrDie_

    this is a test

    I can't delete it .-.
  4. MineOrDie_

    What minigame should I do ?

    Hey guys! Here's the problem: I got a ton of ideas and games that I want to make, but the fact that I have multiple projects make me procrastinate and eventually abandon each project one by one. So here are my ideas: 1. Build, Run, Jump! (Inspired by Ultimate Chicken Horse) Genre: Parkour...
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