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  1. Wobber

    Just your normal n4 spawn

    Me, EurosAndCents, FernReaper, and @orenstep discovered a bug where if you shoot a firework next to a annoyance turret, it stops firing and won't despawn. This is the result.
  2. Wobber

    Dubinzi 2

    he made the netherite gem for ruthless ruins SMH too hard man
  3. Wobber

    Wheel Decide For You: Theme Ideas

    So you found your idea for a game, but can't think up a theme? Use this classy little wheel to help you...
  4. Wobber

    Wheel Decide For You: Game Idea

    Ever been stuck, wondering what type of game you want to make? Wheel Decide For You! Featuring many different categories of games, you can spin it twice to combine 2 ideas...
  5. Wobber

    King Poll

    I don't think any new king thread will capture the true velocity of the original on the old thread, or even the old one on here. I am wondering if you guys want me to make an original one, that will retract people such as RMF and Logan_Midnight. Same rules will apply, + a rule that if no one...
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    #frog2020? More like: #simps2020. #TomatoesForFroggy. #Pepsi2020
  7. Wobber

    refriz made insightful post so now i have to

    now i ain't mr. therapist like refriz but one tip that i got that has helped me so much in the long run is so simple: "Eat when you feel like you hate everyone. Sleep when you feel like everyone hates you." idk bout anyone else but this has helped me with mental illness so much
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  9. Wobber

    who even is raccoon mario fogo

  10. Wobber

    How do you check your followers?

    idk pls tell me
  11. Wobber

    i changed my pfp

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    100 remember when this took me like a month to get this on the old forums? yeah.
  13. Wobber

    Color Codes [Basic]

    Color codes can make all of your text in your games look better than ever! What you can do with the color codes is to make your plot's text stand out, and make everything look more appealing! It work with text variables and signs! If you ever need to look through them without looking at this...
  14. Wobber

    Guide To Plot Tags

    Hi! This is pretty stupid, but here I go anyways! Plot tags are a great way of showing everyone how your plot sticks out from the others. It can also show players what your plot is, whether it is a Strategy, or a PVP game. The full list of tags go as follows: Arcade | Example: Murder Mystery...
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    Someone had to make this burden of a thread on the new website, so here I go. If this thread dies, say, a week goes by without a single reply (as long as there is no site shutdown or whatevs) I will reply and lock the thread. Last person to answer the thread is king. Let's see who can be king...
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