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  1. ImaLEAF

    backups please?..
  2. ImaLEAF

    mage diary developement is delayed

    i [REDACTED] hate myself i just accidentally [REDACTED] deleted stormblock code i will need to remake this [REDACTED] island builder from [REDACTED] scratch after this i will be able to make simple games like goldenfire but not huge projects like ele 3 platinum pick story or mage diary im sorry
  3. ImaLEAF

    What game should i make?

    Recently i finished 2.1 version of Ele RPG 2, where I added more pets and some Emperor functionality. Also, I've got some new plots. What i wanna ask you, what game you want to see from me next time? 1. Elemental World 3 The easiest one, but this will need a lot of original ideas which i don't...
  4. ImaLEAF

    There are bee trees when you use saplings

    and bee spawn even with no players on plot... plz fix it
  5. ImaLEAF

    How do i turn fishing rod into weapon

    I've tried Set Event Damage, Damage Victim and it still didn't work. Please help
  6. ImaLEAF

    Merge gamemode blocks into one

  7. ImaLEAF

    One thousand limit for /particle amount

    I'm really sorry i didn't know
  8. ImaLEAF

    /plot wall

    this command will set plot upperground walls to certain block which you can't place blocks on for example /plot wall barrier /plot wall none will remove upperground walls
  9. ImaLEAF

    Auto /c l

    An option to set your default chat mode, like Global, Local, or None when changing plot mode. It's so annoying to write /c l manually, this option will be great.
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