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    5.2 - Terrain Gen Tutorial

    can you please make terrain genorater make less noise it sounds like the jet of the boing 747
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    Merry Christmas ♡

    happy jesus day
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    Quitting DiamondFire

    who tf thought it was a great idea to force you to put it in fullscreen to turn down the volume
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    my turn

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    You have been muted for 3d for User Harassment

    a real minecraft pro
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    Why people don't like the staff team (and how it could be fixed)

    cool but why is this in #media
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    noooo dont kill him
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    Dev Blog: Where we're at with world plots

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    thanks for the memories

    cactus king
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    5.3 Patch Notes

    edit: this is now unpog cus feature remove >:(
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    5.3 Patch Notes

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