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  1. K_Sasha

    Number Size Limits

    This thread explains how DiamondFire's number system works, and how large numbers can get before they stop working as expected. Number Size Limits The maximum number sizes are listed here. All limits also apply to negative numbers. Value limit: 9,223,372,036,854,775 (number variables cannot...
  2. K_Sasha

    Suggestion = Everyone can do /whois setinfo

    We are thinking about making it a ranked feature, but unless we expand upon it in some major way, it probably won't ever be available to everyone.
  3. K_Sasha

    Unlocking DF

    The = character is a padding character Java adds automatically. It does not serve any purpose in this situation. The code data is compressed, and then encoded in base 64 to avoid any unwanted characters that might cause issues.
  4. K_Sasha

    Player Action: Set Chat Mode

    It seems I didn't make that very clear. If an action to toggle private messaging were added, it would only affect messages sent to other players on the plot. Since there is a small amount of plots which would find this useful, I do not think this will become much of a nuisance. If it does become...
  5. K_Sasha

    Projectile Items

    Probably, we want to add a better way of spawning projectiles, but that will probably take awhile to make it into a patch.
  6. K_Sasha

    Player Action: Set Chat Mode

    The use cases for this feature should be covered by the chat event we have planned. Well, except for private messaging. I'm not really sure what to do about private messaging other players on the plot. The best solution is likely to just add an action specifically for enabling or disabling...
  7. K_Sasha

    [Set Variable: Shift Rotation] tag addition

    I think this is something I can add fairly easily. However, instead of wrapping the pitch around, I think it is better to make it rotate the yaw by 180 degrees.
  8. K_Sasha

    A "Damage Type" to Damage Actions (and Events) (and healing)

    Something like this will be added at some point, but it will likely not be implemented like this.
  9. K_Sasha

    Ability to pause or stop execution of a line of code from a different line

    Can you list some use cases for this? I should also mention that you only need to check whether the code line has been stopped at wait blocks, since the server only executes a single piece of code at a time. If this functionality were added, it would only be possible to stop code at wait blocks.
  10. K_Sasha

    Projectile Items

    This small thread will document all of the special items you can use to spawn projectiles. Projectiles The item that should be specified to produce a projectile on this list is what you expect it to be, unless specified otherwise. This list also documents all projectiles that are supported...
  11. K_Sasha

    Here's my opinion on 1.16.3

    There is no TPS degradation, performance degradation, or even any security benefits. All 1.16.3 did was make two small changes, neither of which affected DiamondFire. The exploit that was fixed in 1.16.3 was already fixed by Paper.
  12. K_Sasha

    Here's my opinion on 1.16.3

    Optifine has already released a preview version for 1.16.3, you can download it here. We would prefer to avoid using ViaVersion if we can because using the plugin generally introduces a few bugs. Although using ViaVersion to allow 1.16.2 and 1.16.3 players to join DiamondFire will probably not...
  13. K_Sasha

    Should I attempt to make a mod?

    I do not recommend having modding as your first Java project, make a few small games to get familiar with Java first.
  14. K_Sasha

    Add Plot Guidelines

    I am aware of the issue of poor quality games, and I have plans to fix it. Outright banning the creation of plots that some people deem low quality and harmful to the server is not the solution. The problem with the DiamondFire coding system is that it is very difficult to create and maintain...
  15. K_Sasha

    A General Idea of "Softcoding"

    Just a disclaimer: this is not the correct usage of this term. In computer science, hard coding and soft coding generally refer to bringing configurable values or constants out of your code and into more easily editable mediums such as configuration files or database tables. This is not really...
  16. K_Sasha

    Text Codes

    You forgot to list %shooter.
  17. K_Sasha

    5.2 - Terrain Gen Tutorial

    Repeat on grid should be faster than repeating through the blocks using your own code.
  18. K_Sasha

    Refriz likes notifications.

    Refriz likes notifications.
  19. K_Sasha

    Test Thread

    Absolutely, admins should never insult pork chops like that.
  20. K_Sasha

    Test Thread

    I agree, insulting pork chops is not okay.
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