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Patch 5.2.3 is out!

@Jeremaster, @K_Sasha, @Daedalus:

Patch 5.2.3 has been released! DiamondFire is now running on Minecraft 1.16.2, meaning that you can now use 1.16 blocks and mobs. You can also use the new color codes! Check out /patch in-game for more info.

Note: This means you will no longer be able to connect using versions earlier than 1.16.2.


Here is a list of the changes:
  • The server is now running on 1.16.2! 1.15 players will no longer be able to join.
  • You can now use 1.16 blocks and items! To use the new 1.16 hex colors, use the format &x&#&#&#&#&#&#, and replace the #'s with hex digits.
  • Clarified the Process block description. Processes should never be used as a replacement to functions for several reasons that will not be explained here.
  • Significantly improved the link filter to give much fewer false positives, and much fewer false negatives.
  • Brought back the shift + left click particle cluster preview.
  • Fixed items getting inserted into code chests from too far away when using the left-click shortcut.
  • Fixed an issue with adding list values to the end of a list using Set Variable: Insert Value at Index.
  • Fixed the last spawned mob and last spawned entity targets not working on certain events.
  • Fixed lightning damage not being cancellable.
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