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Recent content by ACraftingFish

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    bad 😎

    bad 😎
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  3. ACraftingFish


    Do you guys have lives? Do you guys have anyone to talk to? There are over 500 replies and 29 pages here, seriously?? Do you guys have anything else to do???
  4. ACraftingFish

    Texts are cool.

    The tutorial is nice but for someone who is starting out i'm pretty sure this would be too much information to take in at once - texts can be cool to mess with, but i think you should make sections; Instead of putting all of the information in one block of text, maybe seperate it by difficulty -...
  5. ACraftingFish

    Unlocking DF

    Most of this was already accessible using DFVisual..
  6. ACraftingFish


    no me
  7. ACraftingFish

    Thoughts on Disable PVP

    I agree, it is easier for new players, but for more advanced coders take damage would be better
  8. ACraftingFish

    Thoughts on Disable PVP

    I personally try to avoid using it and instead using Player Take Damage: Cancel event In most cases no pvp would also mean no damage taken at all, which makes this useful Disabling/enabling pvp is toggled, meaning it can get messed up from elsewhere if not set up correctly. With this method...
  9. ACraftingFish

    How does this man have 22 reaction score

    How does this man have 22 reaction score
  10. ACraftingFish

    Heyy thats my joke 😠😠😠

    Heyy thats my joke 😠😠😠
  11. ACraftingFish


    This game ing sucks
  12. ACraftingFish

    Do I make Community Skyblock 3?

    no, dead meme
  13. ACraftingFish


    Pretty sure thats considered spam
  14. ACraftingFish

    What's your LEAST favorite minigame type?

    Gemstone pk is kinda nice, although it gets a little repetitive after a while
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