Event June/July 2024 Game Jam Check-In

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Check-ins for the game jam are open, and you can do so here:
⚠️Naming your team is optional, but unnamed teams will be given a name by the events team.

You may still work on your plot after you check in, but please fill out the form before July 11, 2024 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, or your game will not be eligible for voting.

Also, keep in mind that only one person from your team needs to fill out the form!

Event June/July 2024 Game Jam

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Hello events!
This jam's selected theme is...
🌗 Between Two Worlds

You may start working on your plot now.
The jam will end July 11, 2024 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, after which you will still be allowed to work on your plot, unlike with previous jams.
Voting for the jam plots will start on July 12, 2024 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time and end July 18, 2024 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

We'll be opening signups near the end of the jam—you can wait to decide if you are happy with your plot before submitting it.
Furthermore, as mentioned previously, you can continue to work on your jam plot during voting, though a buggy or unfinished initial product may negatively impact your score.
You can see the voting rubric here.

⚠️ Game Jam Rules
- Teams have a limit of up to 4 players
- Plots must be brand new before starting
- Try...

DiamondFire Sales Update

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Hey y’all! Today I’m announcing a SUMMER KICKOFF SALE and some changes to how we do sales on DiamondFire.

For the last several years, we’ve offered a whopping 75% off ranks on Black Friday. This has an unfortunate effect on the rest of the year. It feels wasteful to just buy a rank when you want it, because it’ll be so much (4x!) cheaper if you wait for Black Friday. That means up to 12 months of waiting where you can’t enjoy the rank.

We don’t want to pressure players into waiting several months or even a whole year to buy a rank. As such, we’re going to be balancing out our sale schedule for the rest of 2024. This year’s Black Friday sale will include 35% off ranks. Plots and boosters will continue be 50% off, like last year. We will also be hosting an equivalent sale to kick off the summer, and it starts right now! Ranks will be 35% off, and plots and boosters will be 50% off until May 28, 2024 12:00 AM (PDT). You won’t find a bigger sale than this...

Introducing the VIP Pass!

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I am incredibly excited to announce the new DiamondFire VIP Pass!

It gives you access to exclusive premium content and perks in some of DF's top games. Our launch plots include Site-03, Sputt Time, +1 Clicker, God Abuse, Orig 4, Be Crushed By a Speeding Wall, Trash Gang, Subterranean, and Pickaxe. We have even more plots on the way!

A bit about how it works: DiamondFire pays plot creators to add new content for the VIP pass. As I'm sure you've guessed, these payments come from sales of the pass!

As an additional way to support your favorite plots, VIP pass holders also get Plot Boosts. They're kind of like plot ads, but they can be used on any non-whitelisted plot, even if you're not the owner!

Our mission with the VIP Pass is to enable plot monetization in a way that does right by players and creators. All perks must be EULA-compliant, and by commissioning content, the pass will be purely additive, so non-VIPs will still have a high-quality...

Event July 2023 Game Jam

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Hello events!

The selected Game Jam theme is...

🔄 Looping!

You may start now.

The jam will end August 1, 2023 at 3:00PM EST, after which you will no longer be allowed to work on your plot.
Voting for the finished jam plots will start on August 2, 2023 at 3:00PM EST and end August 9, 2023 at 3:00PM EST.

We'll be opening signups near the end of the jam. That way, you can wait to decide if you are happy with your plot before submitting it.

The rubric for the game jam is attached.


⚠️ Game Jam Rules

Each team will have a limit of 4 members, including yourself.

No external compiler tools are allowed.

This means you cannot use a tool to input code or text to convert it to a DiamondFire template, such as a Java -> DF Compiler.

Templates are allowed, but there is a limit! It is up to a...

DiamondFire Championships 2 (+ Vote)

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Hello everyone! After a ""short"" hiatus we have a lot of news regarding DiamondFire Championships 2.

First off, we've been working on an exculsive championships game that will be played by the top 2 scoring teams to determine the winner, "Slamdown."
Slamdown is a basketball/shooter game where the goal is to get the ball to the other side while avoiding getting shot by the opposite team. Players will be expected to have a solid grasp of the game's mechanics and abilities before the tournament. The plot will be open for practice at /Join 70970 [Slamdown] shortly after this announcement.

The tournament will take place across 2 days. Signups will happen once a date for the tournament has been chosen. Voting will take place across 7 days.

Finally, we're going to explain the scoring process for each game.

One Shot: /join 70400
- It's a 2v2 Team Death Match, the team that gets the most kills in 2 minutes gets to move up in the tournament bracket.
- Points will be...

Event Game Jam information thread

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Game Jam information


Event has ended, thanks for participating!

Hey there! This is all the information you need, such as the guidelines and how to register your team. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or engage in a conversation with me.

Theme: Linked


  • No external compiler tools are allowed
    • This means that you are not allowed to use a tool that allows you to input code or text to convert it to a DiamondFire template. Simply: you can only use your game client. Example: a library allowing you to convert your Java code (or code from another programming language) to a template is not allowed
  • Templates are allowed, but there is a limit! It is up to a certain threshold:
    • ...

New admin addition

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Admin team addition​

Hey everyone,

We are super excited to announce that @Mr. Dumpling is joining our team as an admin as a development project manager who will very closely be working with the developers and will help oversee and manage the developer team and the development priorities. Excitingly enough, he has been fulfilling those responsibilities for a few months now, but now with being on the team, he will be able to fulfill this role in the best possible way!

With all that being said, be sure to give him a warm welcome and a congratulations for this awesome achievement. We are all extremely excited for the future of DiamondFire, and as a more structured administration with jobs in more areas, this gives us a strong footing to keep guiding the server in the right direction with more strength than before!

Signing out for now, but give him a...

Welcome hibao to the admin team!

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Copy of DiamondFire Admin team addition.png

Team addition​

We are very excited to have @hibao aboard our admin team! Through awesome building, project management, and leading a build team and build project, hibao was confidently chosen to be on the admin team as a build team leader! A lot of the work has already been shown—the new Node 7 "Blossom" spawn was a massive build project led and managed by hibao and resulted in an astonishing build with a massive lore and background, and not to mention an alternate reality game that was embedded within it. Moreover, hibao will be leading more building projects like that in the future with the new organized build team!

Make sure to give them a big welcome!

New organized build team​

With a newly organized build team, we now have the most active builders sanctioned by the admin team (hibao)—ever, which is neat and goes to show...

Node 6 and Node 7 release

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Hey everyone! Node 6 and Node 7 has officially been launched!
  • Node 6 ("Canyon") features the winner of our spawn contest, an excellent build by the Aspire build team! A big thanks and congratulations to CortaPlague, SylvTheSpoon, okspaghettisalad, Lil_Hoodie, Clone3A7
  • Node 7 ("Meadow") features a classic spawn by DragonSlasher02. Long-time DiamondFire veterans will remember this one!

For a limited time, if you claim a plot on node6 or node7 from its respective spawn, you are guaranteed to get a plot on that node.

Thank you to everyone here who has supported the growth of this amazing community. Enjoy the new space!

Patch 5.4.2

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Hey everyone! Patch 5.4.2 has been released.

Original announcement @Jeremaster
In this update, we’ve reworked the event prize ticket system. Prize tickets no longer expire, and they stack now! This means you can save up tickets across multiple events. Note that prices in the ticket shop have been adjusted accordingly. Special thanks to @ADumbChicken for his work on shop re-balancing, and @Reason for being the main driver and implementer of this rework.

This update also introduces a new double-lined codespace style, an improved /colors command, and more!

As always, big thanks to our Developer team for making this update happen.

Below are the full patch notes, which you can view in-game with

Prize Ticket Rework

  • Tickets no longer expire.
  • Tickets earned from multiple...

Patch 5.4.1

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Patch 5.4.1 has been released!​

This is a small patch adding mostly convenience features and some missing actions.
Highlights include:
  • Negative numbers are now rounded correctly.
  • There are now actions to manipulate lecterns.
  • /rs works in spawn.
  • The tab list is now sorted by rank.
  • Game Action: Generate Tree can no longer bypass plot borders.
  • The Jukebox gadget now uses the "Note block sounds" category.
  • ... and more!

Big thanks to our development team for putting this together. We hope you all enjoy the new features and changes! As usual, you can check /patch in-game for the full patch notes.

DiamondFire's 7-Year Anniversary

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Hello everyone! It's DiamondFire's 7 Year Anniversary! The server has grown a lot in the past year. To those of you who are new this year, welcome! To those of you who have been here since nearly the beginning, a very special thanks to y'all. We wouldn't be here today without you!

Special shoutouts to the staff team for taking on the challenge of increased player counts and providing an excellent experience for players. Thanks to the efforts of our support staff, moderators, event planners, suggestion moderators, developers, and administrators, DiamondFire is thriving more than ever before.

In celebration of the anniversary, there's a 25% off sale in the store right now. Additionally, I'll be doing some giveaways during this Saturday's livestream! It'll start at about 11:30am PST and run for about an hour and a half.

It's been an amazing 7 years running DiamondFire, and I'm looking forward to many more to come!

- Jeremaster...

Black Friday Sale

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Update: The sale has concluded. Thank you to everyone who supported the server!​


From now until 11:59PM Friday (PST):

All ranks are 75% OFF. This makes Overlord $25 or less!

All plots and boosters are 50% OFF. This makes basic plots just $1 apiece!

There is also a Special Offer, limited to one per player: A massive plot PLUS a 2x booster for just $5.

Enjoy our biggest sale of the year, and thanks for supporting DiamondFire!

Store Link:

Patch 5.4 (plus a dev blog)

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Patch 5.4

I'm happy to announce that Patch 5.4 has been released!

This update comes with a great new code feature. the dictionary data structure. Dictionaries hold key-value pairs, similar to tables. You can use them to store information and retrieve them with keys. With efficient lookup times and a variety of supported code actions, dictionaries should become a valuable tool in everyone's coding toolkit.

This update also introduces some new cosmetics for fun times at spawn, as well as a variety of smaller changes and fixes throughout the server. Notably, the rank requirement for /plot whitelist has been dropped; whitelists are now available to all.

Be sure to check out /patch in-game for the full list of changes.

A Quick Dev Blog

Some of you may be wondering why this update isn't coming with full 1.17 support. While we want to support the new blocks and other features as soon as possible, and have completed a...

Discord music session activity

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Hey everyone,

This upcoming Wednesday, I will be hosting a music session over at DiamondFire's Discord community server.

> Information

1:30 PM PST,

3:30 PM UTC,
4:30 PM EST.

You can convert the times using your own timezone by clicking here, or clicking on the Events tab over the Discord server. The community will be able to suggest songs or add them to the queue. Keep in mind that any NSFW or obscene material will result in removal from the activity and potentially future activities like this, so it must be kept as clean as possible.

See you guys there!

New developers

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Hey everyone!

We are thrilled to announce three new developers who are now aboard the development team: @KabanFriends, @Vattendroppen, and @Reason. They will be working with each other to create new DiamondFire systems and features to be released in future patches. Make sure to give them a round of applause and to congratulate them!

Creator Points Removal Test (Patch 5.3.5)

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Hello all!

Something we've been thinking about a lot is: is the creator points system good for DF? Way back when I added CP I was inspired by competitive online games and figured such a framework could be adapted to DF. As time has gone on though, it seems increasingly out of place in a creative and learning-focused environment. When you play a competitive online game, you expect competitive systems that compare you against other players. On a creative platform, you don’t expect that, and the existence of such a system honestly feels kind of forced.

I posed this question to many of you in the suggestions server, and the responses were overwhelmingly in favor of trying out the removal of the creator points system. As such, we will be disabling creator points for about 1 month, after which we'll either bring back CP or move on without it. During this time, you will not gain or lose any CP.

In place of creator points, we're looking to provide some more fun stats for you to...

Admin team change

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Hey everyone!

We are proud to announce the return of @MrMine05 to the DiamondFire Admin team! He will be working with @Numero on events. He's got some awesome plans, and we hope everyone gives him a warm welcome back!

For more information on DiamondFire events, stay tuned here on the forums and at our Discord server under the event announcements.

Dev Blog: Where we're at with world plots

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Hi all! As many of you know, we began testing world plots on Node Beta yesterday. Through this, we gained a lot of helpful user feedback, as well as important information on the server resource usage patterns of the world plots system.


World plots have been planned for a long time as a way to make the server capacity more scalable as our playerbase grows. The system would offer better plot isolation and stability, as described in our previous dev blog. Development of world plots officially started in early June, and the dev team (especially @Owen) has spent a great deal of time working on it. We wanted to get a test on Node Beta as soon as possible so we could get feedback and analyze usage under more realistic player counts and usage patterns.

What we found​

While the user feedback was helpful (many of you expressed concerns about build and code separation), another concern for us was the resource usage of the...


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