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    Explode & Elevate

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    My Apologies

    i think i forgot to block ruskucy on forums 😅
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    My Apologies

    "共产党宣言"是有史以来最具影响力的政治书籍之一。 如果不理解本书的本质,就很难理解过去170年的历史。 它描述的世界在19世纪中叶,在我们今天的世界里,劳动者和上层阶级统治下来的阶级仍然准确。 一个幽灵正在困扰欧洲 - 共产主义的幽灵。 旧欧洲的所有权力都进入了一个神圣的联盟,以驱除这个幽灵; 教皇和沙皇,梅特涅和基佐,法国激进分子和德国警察间谍
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    quitting df

    im unquitting df after 15 years
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    quitting df

    im quitting df thats it
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    How does one set Plot Icon to a custom head?

    buy an alt, set its skin to a custom head, set plots icon to alt's skin
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    How communism can fix DF

    Jere messed up. First of all, DiamondFire is an another capitalist company, in a communist utopia there would be no: Overlord, Massive Plots and payed stuff. Fixing this would require a world sized shared communal plot, all code and games are community owned. Sure, this does not sound good...
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    its so sad to see samman cancel ryan
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    Dev Blog: Where we're at with world plots

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    yo where my forum rank at

    im reporting you for bullying, racism, heterophobia, assaulting a minor and public intoxication
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    yo where my forum rank at

    give emperor
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    Receive your forum rank here!

    a) Minecraft username: emberiguess b) Rank: Emperor c) In-game screenshot of your request:
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    Exposing Jeremaster

    Im quitting being a jereist. RyanLand forever.
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    Fight opresion with opresion
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