Community Guidelines

DiamondFire rules and community guidelines
Community Guidelines | DiamondFire

Community Guidelines

Hey everyone, these are the community guidelines for the DiamondFire server network. It is expected that everyone follows them. If you have any questions about the server rules, ask a Moderator or Helper. If you have a question about the support-related guidelines, feel free to ask an Expert or Staff Manager, or you can engage in a conversation with Refrizor.

Server Rules

The server rules are located on other pages.

The Rules Page

Forum Rules

The forums have their own set of rules that need to be followed.

Forum Rules

Support-related Guidelines


  • Support

    A support member is a staff member, commonly referred to as a Helper (or Expert) who helps out the community with coding issues and problem solving.

  • Supportee

    A supportee is a player of the server who is getting help from a staff member.

Support Staff Guidelines

Supportee Guidelines

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