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DiamondFire | Rules

Server Rules

These are the DiamondFire rules that all players are expected to follow in order to make DiamondFire a friendly environment.

By playing on the server, you agree to them and understand that breaking them will result in consequences, including but not limited to warnings, chat restrictions, and temporary or permanent suspension from the server.

If you would like clarification on any of the server rules, please contact a server Administrator.

0.1 Definitions
Ban means a permanent suspension from the server.
Temporary ban means a suspension from the server for a certain duration.
Mute means a suspension of communication with other players through chat or private messages for an indefinite duration.
Warning means a penalty point that can trigger further punishments when a certain amount is accumulated; one warning point is active for two weeks.

0.2 Disclaimer
0.2a The rules are liable to change.
0.2b Plot-specific rules, such as stealing, griefing and killing are up to the plot owner to enforce, and the moderation team will not take them into consideration.

0.3 Mutability
0.3a To prevent ambiguity, staff reserve the right to punish anyone for a justifiable reason even if it is not addressed in the rules.
0.3b Listed punishments are not indicative of a moderator's course of action. The given punishment for an infringement is ultimately decided by the moderator handling it.

§1 Chat

1.1 Spam
1.1a Repeating Messages
(Warning) Sending the same or a similar message again one or multiple times within a short timeframe; often referred to simply as spam.
1.1b Persistent / Major Spam
(Mute) Consistent infringement of rule #1.1a in an effort to disturb others or grab their attention (such as for advertising; #5.1).
1.1c Chat Flood
(Warning) Sending separate messages in overly quick succession and/or in abundance, thereby flooding the chat. Chat Flood can be discerned at a minimum of four messages from the same user, depending on the message rate.
1.1d Chain Spam
(Warning) Infringement of rule #1.1a with the distinction of a longer timeframe; creating a chain of the same message with discussion from other users in between, intentionally repeating it (such as a repeated in-chat plot advertisement).
1.1e Character Spam / Gibberish
(Warning) Sending an incomprehensible message. This can be either one long message or multiple short messages of gibberish.
1.1f Character Drag
(Warning) Adding an unnecessary amount of one or multiple characters anywhere in a message, such as exclamation marks.
1.1g Overcapitalization (Caps)
(Warning) Needlessly capitalizing parts of, or an entire message. Capitalizing the first letter of each word in discussion should be avoided.
1.1h Character Spacing
(Warning) Spreading out characters in (part of) a message with a space in between (w o r d), thereby making the message wider than necessary. This is allowed for up to 10 characters.
1.1i Use of special fonts
(Warning - Mute) Any fonts or characters that do not belong to the traditional font and letters of Minecraft are not allowed (e.g. ℊ ℑ ℐℍ). This includes non-Latin alphabets such as Chinese and Russian, which can only be exercised in private messages (see #1.3h).
1.1j Message Rule Infringement
(Warning) Infringement of any subrule of §1, in a private message specifically (/msg).

1.3 Behavior
1.3a Swearing / Cursing
(Warning) Using offensive language, especially towards others.
1.3b Player Disrespect
(Warning) Talking demeaningly to and/or calling out a player to insult them.
1.3c Inappropriate Subject
(Warning) Discussing explicit, drug or alcohol related, violent, or otherwise obscene topics.
1.3d Hackusation
(Warning) Falsely accusing a person of hacking, repeatedly.
1.3e Mini-Modding
(Warning) Telling others to stop breaking rules when JrMods+ are online. It is justifiable to point it out when a mod is offline, but do not do so repeatedly. It is best to simply report it in any case.
1.3f Pushing the limits
(Warning) Consistently getting close to being punished, intentionally.
1.3g Begging
(Warning) Asking a player to buy something from the DiamondFire shop, to do something rank-exclusive, or to be added to a plot after the player refused.
1.3h Foreign languages
(Warning) Using non-Latin languages in public chat (refer to rule #1.1g). It is advised that non-English conversation is kept to direct messages instead of public chat. If a moderator requests a player to move their conversation away from public chat, the player is obliged to do so.
1.3i Toxicity
(Warning - Mute) Creating a toxic environment by means of poor attitude.
1.3j Provocation
(Warning - Mute) Making unsolicited and/or controversial comments in an attempt to stir up an argument among players.

1.4 Plot Advertisements
(Warning) Using Plot Advertisements to get a message to all nodes, to violate any chat rules, or that contain an offtopic message.

1.5 Banned Topics
The following topics are recommended to be avoided in discussion:
- Politics;
- Religion;
- Race, sexuality and discrimination;
- Dark or controversial jokes.
(Warning - Mute) There is zero tolerance for discussion promoting the following subjects (including jokes):
1.5a Racism;
1.5b Homophobia;
1.5c Transphobia;
1.5d Sexism;
1.5e Terrorism;
1.5f Hate Speech;
1.5g Using illnesses or the aforementioned subjects as an insult;
1.5h Threats to DDoS, dox, or physically harm someone;
1.5i Telling others to harm themselves (e.g. "kys")
1.5j Threats or talk of suicide or self-harm.
Inciting or upholding a discussion about any of these topics, (potentially) causing other players discomfort, is not allowed.

§2 Hacking

The use of any client modifications that have the ability to give an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. (e.g. KillAura, Spider Climb, B-Hops)
2.1 Hacked Client
(Temporary ban - Ban) The use of a hacked client is prohibited. A temporary ban or ban is given at the judgement of a moderator.
2.1a Movement Hacking
(Ban) The use of hacks that allow for more effective movement than that of non-hacking players, such as flight, water-walking, speed hacking and wall clipping.
2.1b Combat Hacking
(Temporary ban - Ban) The use of hacks that give an unfair advantage while in combat such as kill aura and regeneration hacks.
2.1c Miscellaneous hacks
(Temporary ban - Ban) The use of hacks not covered by 2.1a or 2.1b such as X-Ray.

2.2 Macros
2.2a Using an external mod
(Temporary ban) Macros such as autoclickers are prohibited while playing a minigame, this includes combat, movement, or interaction with one's environment (blocks, entities, etc). Autoclickers are allowed when used in build mode.
2.2b Using an in-game exploit
(Warning - Temporary ban) Using fast-clicking exploits, such as the one triggered by reassigning mouse keys as of 1.13 (refer to #4.2).

2.3 Pretending to hack
(Temporary ban) Giving oneself effects or other modifications that one can recieve on a plot to trick moderators or convince them that they are hacking.

2.4 Malicious items
Items that could cause damage to the server may not be in one's possession. Refer to rule #4.5.

§3 Plot Content

3.1 Inappropriate content
(Temporary ban - Ban) Plots are not allowed to have any form of inappropriate content. This includes, but is not limited to: Builds, signs, items and communicative code.

3.2 Lag machines
(Temporary ban - Ban) Creating a contraption to induce server lag, or otherwise causing server lag intentionally.

3.3 Charging for content
(Temporary ban) Offering content on the plot in exchange for real money, or other goods outside of DiamondFire, or accepting money from players in any other way such as donations.

3.4 Plot Griefing
(Temporary ban - Ban) Significantly vandalizing the build area and/or code of another person's plot as a builder or coder. This rule is not enforced for any in-game (play mode) griefing (refer to #0.2b), nor on plots where building and/or coding permissions are given out negligently.

§4 Content Exploitment

4.1 Support Session Abuse
(Warning) Spamming the support queue or refusing the help of a support in need of a specific support when already in a session is prohibited.

4.2 Exploits
(Warning - Ban) The game Minecraft and the server may contain severe glitches and loopholes that can be exploited. This includes (but is not limited to) cases such as item duplication glitches or client-crashing bugs. Intentionally using any of these results in punishment. Smaller, widely known Minecraft exploits - predominantly block glitching - are not enforced by the Moderation team and are up to plot owners to enforce.

4.3 Report Abuse
(Warning) Making a fake report and using the /report command improperly is prohibited.

4.4 Alternate Account Abuse
(Temporary ban - Ban) Using alternate accounts to evade bans, gain plots, CP, or Credits is prohibited. Punishment will apply to all accounts. Alternate accounts are allowed to use for plot testing or any other kind of help other than the actions prohibited that have been mentioned before.)

4.5 Saved Toolbars
(Warning - Ban) Saved Toolbars are allowed to be used on the server. However, using these toolbars to bring malicious and hacked items that could harm players or the server is prohibited. (e.g. Potions that kill people in creative, lag-inducing fireworks, items that cause players to crash)

§5 Advertising

5.1 Server Advertising
(Warning - Ban) Advertising other servers is prohibited. This includes inviting someone to a server, giving out IPs, and spamming servers. Simply stating the name of another server is allowed.

5.2 Advertising DiamondFire
(Warning - Ban) Advertising our server is great! We love it when players spread the word. However, advertising our server on other servers and other domains where it is disallowed is prohibited.

§6 Store

6.1 Chargebacks/Refunds
(Ban) Setting in motion a chargeback or refund procedure will result in an immediate ban from the server that cannot be appealed for.

6.2 Giveaways
6.2a Scamming
(Temporary ban) Giving away content from the DiamondFire store is allowed, but the host is obliged to go through with the rewards. It is advisable to purchase the item(s) under one's own username, and to then select the gifting option.
6.2b Non-DiamondFire content
(Temporary ban) Giving away content not related to DiamondFire such as gift cards or transaction of money is not allowed.

§7 Account

7.1 Impersonation
(Warning - Ban) Impersonating, claiming, or pretending to be another member of the server is prohibited. It does not matter if it is impersonating staff or not, the punishment is the same. Any player caught doing this will be banned.

7.2 Skin and Player Name
7.2a Inappropriate Skin
(Ban) Any skin that has inappropriate content, such as nudity or representing a hate group. This ban may be lifted once the skin in question has been changed to one that is allowed.
7.2b Inappropriate Username
(Ban) Any name has inappropriate content, such as swearing or reference to banned topics. This ban may be lifted once the name question has been changed to one that is allowed.
7.2c Username Rule Infringement
(Mute) Any username that would break chat rules if they were written in chat normally, and does not already infringe #7.2b, such as character spam (see #1.1e).

7.3 Ban Evasion
7.3a Ban Evasion through an alternate account
(Ban) Using any means to evade bans will result in the banning of any alt accounts, related accounts, and the tempbanning of any accounts who may help the evader.
An exception to this rule may be granted if BOTH of the following conditions are met: (1) the banned account was banned for a violation of rule #7.2b or #7.2c, (2) the banned account did not violate any other rules.
7.3b Ban Evasion through a compromised account
(Ban) Infringement of rule #7.3a using an account not owned by oneself. This invalidates any exception to #7.3a.

7.4 Account Transfers
Ranks, plots, or any other content can not be transferred over to another account except when a player has lost access to their account. The old account with be permanently banned as it is considered compromised.

7.5 Bot Account
(Warning) Accounts used as bots on the server must be approved by a server administrator. Any bot accounts that are not approved will be suspended from the server.

§8 Miscellaneous

8.1 Punishment threshold
(Tempban) Reaching a total of 20 punishments within a year.

8.2 Leaking of Confidential Information
(Tempban - Ban) Leaking or attempting to leak any staff-sourced information or images of staff-organized creations such as builds or unannounced features that are not to be shared with the public. Continuing to spread such information will also result in punishment, even if the infringer is not the source. This does not apply to users who are unaware (by moderator's decision) of the confidentiality of the information in question.

8.3 Forging Evidence
(Tempban - Ban) Forging a screenshot or other form of evidence in an attempt to get another player punished for something they did not do.

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