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Community Guidelines

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Aug 16, 2020
Community Guidelines

Hey everyone, these are the community guidelines for the DiamondFire server network. It is expected that everyone follows them. If you have any questions about the server rules, ask a Moderator or Helper. If you have a question about the support-related guidelines, feel free to ask an Expert or Staff Manager, or you can engage in a conversation with me.


Server Rules

For the server rules, click HERE.

Forum Rules
  • No repetitive sending of messages or threads
    • If you are unusually commenting in a row with no other responses, it may be flagged as spam
  • Self promotion, advertising, and media advertising is prohibited
    • This includes the advertising of Minecraft servers
    • False giveaways and scams are not allowed
    • Discord community servers relating to are DiamondFire allowed
    • Media advertising is for example advertising YouTube channels and other media sites
  • Respect everyone
    • Revealing personal information about someone without their consent will get your account disabled
  • Please have or post appropriate content
    • Inappropriate profiles (avatars, biographies, signatures, etc.) are disallowed
    • Refrain from posting political content
    • Do not derail threads
  • No alternate accounts
    • An alternate account is registering a new forum account if you already have a main account
      • Need a new username? You can request one
    • If you have a sibling, then your sibling can still create one
  • Refrain from necro-posting and backseat moderating
    • Necro-posting is posting on a thread that has been inactive for a long period of time
    • Backseat moderating is intentionally fulfilling a moderator's set of duties

Support-related guidelines

  • Support
    • A support member is a staff member, commonly referred to as a Helper (or Expert) who helps out the community with coding issues and problem solving.
  • Supportee
    • A supportee is a player of the server who is getting help from a staff member.

Support Staff Guidelines:
  • A Support member has the right to deny a request in a session if:
    • They believe the supportee is already capable of completing the request, and are purely using support to progress their plot.
    • They believe the request is too far above the supportee's coding level, and they would not understand the code, or how to change/add in more code.
    • It is a request to build on the plot
    • The support member is unable to complete the request, in this case, the support member should ask any expert or more experienced support members.
  • Support should make sure that the supportee understands the new code before the end of the session. This knowledge can be easily gained by a simple "Do you understand what I have done?" and is crucial in making sure they could add or modify your code.
  • Support are allowed to afk for up to 10 minutes on the main nodes, with the exception of Node Beta, where afking is allowed indefinitely.
  • After one hour of session time, the support member may ask the supportee to end the session, so they can take a break. In this circumstance, the support member should check if anyone else is online, so they can continue the session
  • If, at any point in the session, the supportee is afk for at least one minute, the support member can end the session by using /support kill, if this is regular from someone, they should be reported in the session-reports channel.
If you are in a particularly hostile session, where the supportee is being rude, ignoring what you're doing or removing your code after you place it, you should open a conversation over the forums with a Staff Manager or Expert.

Supportee Guidelines
  • Supportees should not:
  • AFK in sessions (use /support end first)
  • Request Support for something you already know how to code
  • Leave and join the queue repeatedly
  • Request Support to celebrate someone getting promoted
  • Be rude or disrespectful to the support member
  • Request Support as a joke
  • Request Support to help farm sessions
  • Ignore the Support Member, or pay no attention to what they say.
After being in queue for at least 15 minutes, a supportee is allowed to respectably notify each online support about the queue once. Continuously asking support to do the queue may result in a queue ban.

Support question:
  • You should only use /support question in the hope of gaining coding advice about the DiamondFire plugin, such as code-related questions, but not personal questions (e.g: plot idea questions or joke requests)
If you feel like the support member is unsure of what to do, and with permission from the current support member, you may ask them to kill the session, so you can rejoin the queue and get help from another support member. If the believe the support member is not helping, or they break any rules, you should report them to a Staff Manager (@ryanroo2, @MrAwesome0024), expert or moderator. Failing to follow these rules may result in warnings or queue bans.
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