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Yet another retirement post


New member
Sep 12, 2020
I'll be short:
- Kinda tired from DF (I was an active member of the server for mostly 4 years, so not that big surprise);
- Kind of tired from doing sessions (I did 500 session, so I do know what I talk about);
- Not in the best mental condition... i guess;
- School (duh);
- I mean, haven't you noticed how suddenly inactive I've became?
- There may be more reasons, but I'd rather keep it private.

- It does NOT mean that I am leaving DF though... However I will be way less active most of the time;
- Will I unretire? - I doubt I will;
- Will I still work on games? - Depends:
- Big projects? - Probably not (but who knows).
- Small projects made for fun? - Maybe? If I have some time? I dunno

Yeah, that's about it. I think.
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