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hi guys anyone likes eating apples?

mhm yup yup ye totally uh-huh yes mhm yup ye yup ya yup mhm mhm yes mhm totally
well if we ate apples wouldnt we eat your bretheren

and wouldnt that be an :ohno: moment
I don't understand. You're a blue creeper on Minecraft. You're a red mushroom on Discord. You're a blue ghost on Steam. You're a brown dinosaur on the forums. Why?!?!?
I Said This on Discord But Haven't Done it Yet And I Want People to Know it
So in Pokémon Sword I Have a Shiny Female Volcarona Ever Since 14 of October, And I Noticed Something
I Actually Feel Attracted to Her
Yes, I Feel Attracted With a Digital Bug And I am Not Ashamed With That
Raccoon Mario Fogo
Raccoon Mario Fogo
I Tried to Make This Much More Fancy Writting But it Would Surpass The 420 Characters Limit (Not Kidding That is The Limit)
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