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    Favorite Videogame

    My favorite is probably Terraria.
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    Poll Favorite Node?

    I've liked Node2 ever since I joined, I don't know why.
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    The way to set a random item with variables seems simple. As simple as the removed Player Action? No, but this will probably help with getting better with variables. As for tokens, if you get 'em faster and stuff's cheaper, I think it's a good change.
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    Wheel Decide For You: Theme Ideas

    I got... Ocean. "Drink the Ocean" coming soon
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    The Never-Ending Story

    The screams shattered the Diamond in DiamondFire, spreading a fire throughout every node and every plot.
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    The Never-Ending Story

    Everybody was forced to where Geometry Dash skins.
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    The Never-Ending Story

    He put on the DiamondIce armor, freezing him to death death.
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    The Never-Ending Story

    Someone put out the fire on the diamond, making it just Diamond.
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    The Never-Ending Story

    Then Bobby uses his hacks to revive Chad, but accidently revives Refriz.
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    The Never-Ending Story

    Then Chad asked for the hacks.
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    Destroy a wish! 2020 edition

    Wish granted! It gets unstolen, but it's broken. I wish for it to be unbroken
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    Destroy a wish! 2020 edition

    Wish granted! You have more motivation to make mods, but then you forget how to make mods. I wish I could make a game (not on DF).
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    Can we get a pog for 1.17 snapshot?!

    Pog, but bundles seem weird. Candles look like they were taken from a Minecraft mod, which I like. Also, no goats >:(
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    I hope you have a better day tomorrow
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