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Server Rules

Simplified Rules | DiamondFire

The Rules

Make sure to follow them!



These rules are subject to change at any time, with notice. Plot-specific rules, such as stealing, griefing (in /play), random/spawn killing, and other such things are up to the plot owner to enforce. We do not punish based on such things. If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to reach out to a moderator or adminstrator. Requesting support comes along with its own rules. Please make sure to read them here before asking for help from the support team.

Punishment Overview

A Ban is a permanent removal from the server.
A Temporary Ban is a removal from the server for a set amount of time.
A Mute is a removal of chat privileges, including chat and private messages. These can be temporary or permanent.
A Warn is a penalty point that can result in further/harsher punishments in the future. Each warn lasts for 2 weeks before it expires. This does not mean it won't be taken into consideration in future punishments however.

Alterations in Punishments

Moderators reserve the right to punish any kind of behaviour seen as disruptive to the server or its community, even if it is not explicitly mentioned in the rules.
The punishment for breaking a rule may not be the punishment that is assigned here. The severity of a punishment depends on many factors. This can include any previous punishments recieved, the severity of the actions, and more. How these factors affect the punishment are largely up to the moderator and other moderators that they consult. Keep in mind that we try to stick to the punishments listed in these rules as much as possible, however in some very rare cases, we will punish for actions not included in the rules.

Now onto the actual rules...


  • Spamming is not allowed. Spamming is defined as sending 4 or more messages with the same contents in rapid succession.
  • Typing in all caps (e.g "HELLO GUYS!!!") or sending random characters (e.g "aio347sdhf") in order to flood chat or to grab attention is not allowed.
  • Non-English languages are generally allowed in public chat if they use the English alphabet, including accented characters (a,é,ç, etc.) If players are uncomfortable with your use of non-English languages, please move your conversation to private messages.
  • Plot advertisements should only be used for describing or talking about your plot. Do not use them to send server-wide messages.
  • We acknowledge that chat is a place for public discourse, but we also believe that the server is not a place for disrespectful debate. For this reason, controversial and dark topics are strictly forbidden.

Hacking and Exploits

  • Using hacked clients is strictly prohibited. We do not want people to have unfair advantages over anyone else.
  • Autoclickers are allowed in build and dev mode. They are not allowed in play mode.
  • Movement hacks are not allowed. Using them will result in a permanent ban.
  • Combat hacks are also not allowed. Using them will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
  • Exploiting issues in Minecraft's code (for example, 'ghost blocks') to give yourself an advantage over others or to disrupt other plots is not allowed.
  • Importing harmful items, such as HD heads or large NBT items, is not allowed and may result in a permanent ban.

Plot Content

  • Copying others’ builds or code without their permission, whether they are from DiamondFire or elsewhere, is not allowed. This does NOT include concepts or game ideas.
  • Griefing using plot dev or build permissions is not allowed. Griefing in play mode is subject to plot rules, which are not enforced by moderators.
  • Your plot must not be used to annoy players through lag machines or large advertisements.
  • Players must be able to leave your plot without needing to disconnect from the server.
  • Giving out rewards to players for voting on your plot is not allowed.


  • Do not advertise other servers or services on DiamondFire.
  • Do not advertise DiamondFire on other servers or services. This will likely get you banned from both DiamondFire and the other server.


  • Before making any purchases, keep in mind that refunds are not provided. Any chargebacks will result in a permanent ban.
  • Giveaways are allowed if the prize is related to DiamondFire or Discord Nitro (e.g NO giftcards, cash, etc.) The prize MUST be awarded after the giveaway.


  • Do not impersonate other people.
  • Your skin and username should be appropriate for all ages.
  • Alternate accounts are allowed on the server, but may not be used to give your main account unfair advantages or to evade punishments.
  • Content from your account may be transferred to another one if your account is no longer accessible. The old account will be permanently banned, as it will be considered to be 'compromised'.
  • You may only use automated accounts with administrator permission.


  • If you have received over 20 punishments in the past year, you will be temporarily banned, regardless of the severity of your last punishment.
  • Do not leak confidential staff information.
  • Do not forge evidence in reports.

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