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Server Rules

Simplified Rules | DiamondFire

The Rules

Make sure to follow them!



These rules are subject to change at any time, with notice. Plot-specific rules, such as stealing, griefing (in /play), random/spawn killing, and other such things are up to the plot owner to enforce. We do not punish based on such things. If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to reach out to a moderator or adminstrator. Requesting support comes along with its own rules. Please make sure to read them here before asking for help from the support team.

Punishment Overview

A Ban is a permanent removal from the server.
A Temporary Ban is a removal from the server for a set amount of time.
A Mute is a removal of chat privileges, including chat and private messages. These can be temporary or permanent.
A Warn is a penalty point that can result in further/harsher punishments in the future. Each warn lasts for 1 week before it expires. This does not mean it won't be taken into consideration in future punishments however.

Punishment Threshold

When 20 punishments have been received within the span of a year, a substantial temporary ban or mute will be issued, regardless of the severity of the last punishment.

Alterations in Punishments

Moderators reserve the right to punish any kind of behaviour seen as disruptive to the server or its community, even if it is not explicitly mentioned in the rules.
The punishment for breaking a rule may not be the punishment that is assigned here. The severity of a punishment depends on many factors. This can include any previous punishments recieved, the severity of the actions, and more. How these factors affect the punishment are largely up to the moderator and other moderators that they consult. Keep in mind that we try to stick to the punishments listed in these rules as much as possible, however in some very rare cases, we will punish for actions not included in the rules.

Now onto the actual rules...

§1 Chat

1.1 Spam
(Warning - Mute) Any message or repeated messages that are disruptive through means of repeating characters or phrases, special fonts, non-latin characters, copy pastas, or capitalization/gibberish in chat is considered spam and is prohibited.

1.2 Plot Advertisements
(Warning) Using plot advertisements to get a message to all nodes, to violate any chat rules, or that contain an offtopic message is prohibited.

1.3 Filter Bypass
(Warning) Attempting to circumvent the chat filter to send messages that would be otherwise blocked is prohibited. This includes words that aren’t listed in the filter but are still vulgar in nature.

1.4 Behavior
Harassment and other harmful behavior toward the DiamondFire community can result in removal, even if the behavior occurs off-platform. Such cases are subject to a higher level of scrutiny among the mod team, as well as admin approval.
1.4a Toxicity
(Warning - Ban) Toxicity, which makes for a negative and destructive atmosphere, is most often but is not limited to:
- Multiple instances of pushing the limits, disrespect and/or provocation.
- Negative targeting of specific player(s) including, but not limited to, insulting, calling out, or talking demeaningly, even if framed as a joke.
- Making unsolicited or controversial comments in an attempt to stir up an argument among players
1.4b Hackusation
(Warning) Falsely and repeatedly accusing a person of hacking is prohibited.
1.4c Mini-Modding
(Warning) Telling others to stop breaking rules when a moderator is online is prohibited and is best left to the moderation team to handle.
1.4d Begging
(Warning) Asking a player to buy something from the DiamondFire shop, to do something rank-exclusive, or to be added to a plot after the player refused is prohibited.
1.4e Mute Bypass
(Temporary Ban - Ban) Bypassing a mute by using custom commands (i.e. prefixed with @), signs or other means. Typically this will be a ban for the remaining length of the mute.

1.5 Banned Topics
(Warning - Mute) The following topics should be avoided in discussion:
- Politics;
- Religion;
- Violence, drugs, alcohol, and other explicit or vulgar topics;
- Discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to, race, gender, and sexuality;
- Dark or controversial topics.

1.6 Server Advertising
(Warning - Ban) Advertising other servers on the server is prohibited. This includes inviting someone to a server, giving out IPs, and spamming servers. Simply stating the name of another server is allowed. Advertising DiamondFire where it is normally prohibited is also not allowed.

§2 Hacking

2.1 Hacked Client
(Temporary Ban - Ban) The use of any client modifications that have the ability to give an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited (e.g. KillAura, Spider Climb, B-Hops). A temporary ban or ban is given at the judgment of a moderator. Creating code with the intention of appearing to hack, or claiming you are hacking is also prohibited.

2.2 Autoclicking
(Temporary Ban) Using external mods, macros, or exploits to click faster than would be normally achievable is prohibited. Furthermore, consistent clicking (by any means) while being inattentive to a game, such as being AFK, is also not allowed.

2.3 Malicious Items
(Temporary Ban) Items that could cause damage to the server are prohibited.

2.4 Minimap Mods / Visible Barriers
(Temporary Ban) Using any mod which would give more information to the player than they would have using vanilla is disallowed. Minimap mods are still disallowed if they are not blocked automatically. Visible barriers are permitted for use while in build or dev mode.

§3 Plot Content

3.1 Inappropriate content
(Warning - Ban) Plots are not allowed to have any form of inappropriate content. This includes, but is not limited to: Builds, signs, items and communicative code.

3.2 Exchanges for Content
3.2a Charging for Content
(Temporary Ban) You may not financially gain from anything offered on your plot, including content in or out of game offered for real money, accepting donations from players, or any other methods of financial gain linked to your plot outside of the VIP Pass.
3.2b Voting Rewards
(Warning) Offering rewards or advantages to any or all players who vote for a plot is prohibited.

3.3 Plot Griefing
(Temporary Ban - Ban) Vandalizing the build area and/or code of another person's plot as a builder or coder is prohibited. This rule is not enforced for any in-game (play mode) griefing, nor on plots where building and/or coding permissions are given out negligently.

3.4 Plagiarism
(Warning - Temporary Ban) Copying builds or code from others without permission is prohibited. This does not include concepts, ideas, or common functions of code that are widely used. The copied build or code may be requested to be removed.

3.5 Bad Neighbor
(Warning - Temporary Ban) Interrupting the experience of a plot through means of disruption via builds or lag machines.

§4 Content Exploitment

4.1 Support Session Abuse
Violation of the Support Guidelines may lead to the loss of the ability to request support.

4.2 Exploits
(Warning - Ban) The game Minecraft and the server may contain glitches and loopholes that can be exploited. This includes (but is not limited to) cases such as item duplication glitches, plot-trapping loops, client-crashing bugs, or other bugs that negatively impact players or the server. Intentionally using or spreading information on any of these is prohibited. Smaller, widely known Minecraft exploits - predominantly block glitching - are not enforced by the Moderation team and are up to plot owners to enforce.
Major bugs and exploits should be reported on the DiamondFire Suggestions Discord server or to an admin or dev if Discord is not a viable option.

4.3 Report Abuse
(Warning) Making a fake report, including forged evidence, or using the /report command improperly is prohibited.

4.4 Alternate Account Abuse
(Temporary Ban - Ban) Using alternate accounts to evade punishments, gain plots, or tokens is prohibited. Similarly, using them to obtain an advantage on plots is not allowed. Alternate accounts themselves will be permanently banned. They are allowed for plot testing or any other assistance in build or dev mode.

§5 Store

5.1 Chargebacks/Refunds
(Ban) Setting in motion a chargeback or refund procedure will result in an immediate ban from the server that cannot be appealed for.

5.2 Giveaways
5.2a Scamming
(Temporary Ban) Giving away content from the DiamondFire store is allowed, but the host is obliged to go through with the rewards. It is advisable to purchase the item(s) under one's own username, and to then select the gifting option.
5.2b Non-DiamondFire content
(Temporary Ban) Giving away content not related to DiamondFire such as gift cards or transaction of money is not allowed. Discord Nitro is an exception to this rule.

§6 Account

6.1 Impersonation
(Warning - Ban) Impersonating, claiming, or pretending to be another member of the server is prohibited. It does not matter who is being impersonated, the punishment will still apply.

6.2 Skin and Player Name
6.2a Inappropriate Skin
(Ban) Any skin that has inappropriate content, such as nudity or representing a hate group is prohibited. This ban may be lifted once the skin in question has been changed to one that is allowed.
6.2b Inappropriate Username
(Ban) Any name that has inappropriate content, such as swearing or reference to banned topics is prohibited. This ban may be lifted once the name in question has been changed to one that is allowed.

6.3 Bot Account
(Warning) Accounts used as bots on the server must be approved by a server administrator. Any bot accounts that are not approved will be suspended from the server. All bot accounts are restricted from sending messages in public chat.

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