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5.3 Patch Notes


Welcome to the 5.3 patch notes! A shortened version of these patch notes can be found in game.

Major Additions/Changes

There are some major code-related additions this patch! They are listed here.


"Committing crimes with both direction and magnitude!"

Vectors are a new code value type. Vectors are composed of X, Y, and Z components, and they are generally used to represent motion.

  • Added the Vector value type
  • Added Set Variable actions for manipulating vectors
  • Added support for vectors in various code actions

Particle Update

Particles have received some major improvements in this patch! Some of Minecraft's particles have special properties like color, size, or block type, and this patch adds support for these properties. Particle values now support these special properties, and other particle properties such as velocity.

  • Updated the Particle value type
  • Particles now have fields for type, count, speed, item, delta, color, and size
  • Added Set Variable actions for manipulating particles
  • Added new particle types: Block, Item, Instant/Ambient Effect
  • Particle names have been changed to reflect their vanilla names
  • Added Game Action: Play Particle Cuboid (& Animated)
  • Particle game actions now have a Particle Distance (density) argument

New Actions/Values

  • Added Player Fish Event
  • Added Player Action: Set Rotation
  • Added Player Action: Set Instant Respawn
  • Added Player Action: Display Gateway Beam
  • Added Player Action: Set to Spectator Mode
  • Added Player Action: Spectate Target
  • Added Player Action: Face Location
  • Added Player Action: Get Target Entity
  • Added Player / Entity Action: Set Velocity
  • Added Entity Action: Set Invisible (mobs only)
  • Added Entity Action: Set Pose
  • Added Entity Action: Jump
  • Added Entity Action: Set Celebrating
  • Added Entity Action: Set Item Stack
  • Added Entity Action: Set Item Persistent
  • Added Entity Action: Set Fishing Wait Time
  • Added Game Action: Set Campfire Item
  • Added Repeat: Repeat on Path
  • Added Set Variable: Set Map Texture
  • Added Set Variable: Raycast to Block / Entity
  • Added Set Variable: Get Head Owner
  • Added Set Variable: Remove Enchantment
  • Added Set Variable: Get / Set Item Potion Effects
  • Added Set Variable: Set to Bitwise Operation
  • Added Set Variable: Get / Set Lodestone Compass Location
  • Added Game Value: Inventory Event Click Type
  • Added Game Value: Event Fish Type
  • Added Game Value: Velocity

Other Changes/Fixes

FAWE Updates

  • Re-enabled //fixlighting
  • The #biome[<biome>] pattern should work again

Also make sure to check out FAWE's new noise pattern, #voronoi[<scale>][<pattern>].

Shop and Cosmetic Updates

General Changes

  • Updated server to 1.16.4
  • Added the 'Promoted Plots' menu (used with /plot ad)
  • Plot ad cooldowns are now 30 minutes (instead of 15)
  • Redesigned staff rank tags and support queue messages
  • Added /time, /weather, /nightvis, and /itemframe
  • Tablist now shows staff tags, not team prefixes
  • Advanced Set Variable Actions are now put in their respective categories with an 'Advanced' label and section
  • Improved the boss bar actions; they now support infinite boss bars (depending on client GUI scale) and work more like they did before 5.2
  • If Game: Command Equals now supports multiple words for the 'Check first word' option (eg. 'party create')
  • Set Variable: Trim Text, Trim List, Shift In Direction, and Repeat: Repeat on Sphere now have additional default values
  • Set Variable: Trim List now supports variable duplication
  • Set Variable: Set Item Lore now has alternate parameters that function similar to /item lore set
  • Buckets can now be filled and emptied in dev mode
  • /plot vars now tells you if no variables are set
  • /txt, /num, and /var with no parameters now give blank value items
  • All blocks can now be set in regions with code (eg. crops)
  • The following Player Actions are now free: Randomized Teleport, Play Sound Sequence, Set Furnace Cook Time
  • Spawners can now be used as building blocks. Avoid using FAWE to place spawners, or they will emit particles
  • End Gateways will no longer emit beams. Avoid using FAWE to place End Gateways; use Game Action: Set Block instead
  • Redesigned some messages and lores, including variable scope messages
  • Set Variable: Sort list now sorts sub-lists by their first index instead of length
  • Node spawn locations are now centered
  • The enchant actions now work with Enchanted Books
  • /loc move is now /loc shift (consistent with the Set Variable actions)
  • Renamed /emoticons to /characters (alias: /chars). Note that /emo still works too
  • You can now re-enter the plot mode you are currently in; for example, type /play while in play mode to rejoin the plot
  • Changed the sound effect used when messaging players
  • Split Player Action: Set Items into Set Hotbar Items and Set Inventory Items
  • Split Game Action: Set Block into Set Block and Set Region
  • Respawn anchors can no longer explode


  • Fixed many hex color-related issues
  • Fixed issues with custom heads in code block menus
  • Fixed Jumping Jeres not jumping
  • Fixed an issue with the sound menu playing sounds when returning to the main menu
  • Fixed Game Action: Create Particle Path modifying the locations given to the action
  • /item tag remove now works with numbers
  • Fixed an issue that caused Player Action: Send Advancement to not work at all. The action should now also support quotes in the advancement title
  • Unicode characters now work properly in Game Action: Send Web Request
  • Fixed variables using more memory than they should
  • Witches will no longer drink potions while their AI is disabled
  • All entity types should now be supported in If Entity: Is Type
  • Fixed Set Variable: Set Item Flags
  • Fixed Entity Action: Set Mob Equipment not working with armor stands
  • Fixed Game Action: Random Tick Block
  • The /enchant commands now supports the Soul Speed enchantment
  • Fixed teleporting with mounted entities
  • Fixed certain block data breaking Game Action: Set Block
  • /plot clear and /plot unclaim no longer confirm each other
  • Game Value: Open Inventory Title now returns "none" instead of "crafting" when no menu is open
  • Plot menus fail to open with big lists
  • Evoker Fangs don't trigger the Entity Damage Player event

Removed Features

  • Armor stands and item frames can no longer be used in play mode. This may change in a future patch
  • Removed Player Action: Give Random Item, Player Action: Clear Chat, Player/Entity Action: Teleport Sequence, Entity Action: Set Item Owner, and Game Action: Spawn Random Item
  • Temporarily removed plot developer comments; they will be reintroduced in a future patch

- Jeremaster, K_Sasha, S4nders, RedDaedalus, Owen1212055, and homchom
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Sep 3, 2020
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Great job ! Huge congratulations to the Dev team ! :D


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Sep 6, 2020
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really nice update, happy with it overall


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Sep 9, 2020
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there's gonna be some angry person that bought mythic just to be able to use developer comments that's gonna come out of the woodwork and get mad about this update lol
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