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Introducing the VIP Pass!

I am incredibly excited to announce the new DiamondFire VIP Pass!

It gives you access to exclusive premium content and perks in some of DF's top games. Our launch plots include Site-03, Sputt Time, +1 Clicker, God Abuse, Orig 4, Be Crushed By a Speeding Wall, Trash Gang, Subterranean, and Pickaxe. We have even more plots on the way!

A bit about how it works: DiamondFire pays plot creators to add new content for the VIP pass. As I'm sure you've guessed, these payments come from sales of the pass!

As an additional way to support your favorite plots, VIP pass holders also get Plot Boosts. They're kind of like plot ads, but they can be used on any non-whitelisted plot, even if you're not the owner!

Our mission with the VIP Pass is to enable plot monetization in a way that does right by players and creators. All perks must be EULA-compliant, and by commissioning content, the pass will be purely additive, so non-VIPs will still have a high-quality experience on DiamondFire. We hope you're as excited as we are to reward creators and see some awesome new games and features.

**As a thank you to our Founding VIPs, those who subscribe within the first 2 weeks will receive an exclusive /profile badge!**

Get your VIP pass for just $5/month at https://store.mcdiamondfire.com/category/vip

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New member
Jul 17, 2023
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I was 2nd to purchase VIP
also VIP is cool

(check I'm _beijing)

Raffius Taffius

Well-known member
Mar 17, 2022
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this is so wild that wildbreathg4m3r is gonna wildly add the wild pass to the wild skyminer
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