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Patch 5.3.1


Hey everyone! Patch 5.3.1 has been released!

Here is a basic rundown:
  • A staggering number of bugfixes, ranging from crash exploits to weird infinitely-lingering gadget particles.
  • Plot names now support special characters from /chars pages 1-4. You may use up to 2 characters, or up to 6 if you have the Mythic rank.
  • Ender Dragons can now be spawned.
  • /locate messages are clickable again.
  • The actions and events related to block breaking, placement, and drops are now free for all players to use.
  • LagSlayer improvements (check DFS for more info) and around a 12% improvement to code execution.
Full list of changes:
  • Significant changes have been made to LagSlayer! You can read more about them at the DF Suggestions Discord
  • Code execution should now be ~12% faster.
  • Ender Dragons can now be spawned
  • Added Entity Action: Set Dragon Phase
  • Added Entity Action: Set Pufferfish Size
  • Added Player Action: Display Particle Ray
  • + Added the Paintball Gun gadget
  • Added /plot whitelist clear
  • Added Player Action: Set Status
  • Plot names now support special characters from /char <1-4>. 2 symbols (or 6 for the Mythic rank) may be used
  • The maximum plot name length (including color codes) has been increased from 64 to 128
  • Block break/place related actions are now unranked
  • Improved multiple gadgets and their visual affects
  • Improved the /msg command
  • The reference book now shows the lore of the action when a chest is open
  • /item nbt now shows pretty colors and is formatted; you can now copy values by clicking on them
  • Game Action: Spawn Armor Stand now correctly spawns invulnerable armor stands
  • Set Variable: Align Vector now respects vector length
    Set Variable: Set Head Owner has been changed to Set Head Texture and now supports custom textures
  • The hit/end location of raycast actions now have the same rotation as the start location
  • Plot ads now suggest (not automatically run) /join. This means you can now confirm or cancel a plot ad after clicking it
  • The My Plots menu now sorts plots by Player count > Votes > Node > ID
  • You can now click on /locate messages again
  • Adjusted some gadget cooldowns
  • Right-clicking the Trending menu now sorts by vote count
  • Fixed the sound menu back arrow
  • Fixed a bug where left-clicking a tag item twice changed its value three times
  • Fixed some issues with Repeat: Repeat on Path
  • Fixed If Player: Has Permission not working with whitelists
  • Fixed Entity Action: Set Target not working with entities that already have targets
  • Fixed the optional parameter of Set Variable: Trim List
  • Fixed Set Variable: Get Item Attribute not working
  • Fixed Set Variable: Format Timestamp returning an incorrect year in some cases
  • Fixed particle values not working with If Variable: Equals
  • Fixed some Game Values having an incorrect rank restriction
  • Fixed some issues with token notch claiming on promoted plots
  • Fixed the My Plots GUI not displaying when having a large amount of plots
  • Fixed trying to leave play mode while being dead
  • Players will now be kicked from the plot when plot banned
  • Fixed the HD head filter not working correctly
  • Fixed the creative kill potion filter not working correctly
  • Fixed issues with token claiming on promoted plots
  • Fixed some issues with the support system
  • Fixed some issues with item/block interactions, for example shields
  • Fixed some inaccuracies with block drops
  • Fixed multiple ghost player issues
  • Fixed the /tip token gain count not being accurate
  • Fixed the outdated link in /support rules
  • Fixed area effect clouds not working with custom particle data
  • Fixed /whois not finding players while on certain nodes
  • Fixed several crash exploits

Enjoy the update, and be sure to thank the Developer team!
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