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Patch 5.4.2

Hey everyone! Patch 5.4.2 has been released.

Original announcement @Jeremaster
In this update, we’ve reworked the event prize ticket system. Prize tickets no longer expire, and they stack now! This means you can save up tickets across multiple events. Note that prices in the ticket shop have been adjusted accordingly. Special thanks to @ADumbChicken for his work on shop re-balancing, and @Reason for being the main driver and implementer of this rework.

This update also introduces a new double-lined codespace style, an improved /colors command, and more!

As always, big thanks to our Developer team for making this update happen.

Below are the full patch notes, which you can view in-game with

Prize Ticket Rework

  • Tickets no longer expire.
  • Tickets earned from multiple events can now stack.
  • Prices in the prize ticket shop have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Plots start out discounted and increase in price as you purchase more.
Other Features
  • New double-lined codespace style, accessible with /plot codespace add -d
  • Improved /colors command for color-picking
  • Motion variation support for Spell and Entity Effect particles
  • Impostor gadget cooldown increased from 5s -> 45s
  • Plot ad cooldown can no longer be bypassed by sending the command rapidly.
  • The token animation now displays the correct number of notches.
  • Player Action: Set Spawn Point can no longer use a location out of plot bounds.
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Mar 4, 2021
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Actually add useful stuff please
Just keep in mind: The developers work for free on these updates. So, if they don't come frequently or don't add stuff you would like to see, just be patient. If you would like to suggest some things for future updates, go the Suggestion Forums.

Also, the numbers in updates (5.4.2) can give off if it's a bug fix or major update. Major updates are usually implemented when either the first or second number change (5.4). Bug fixes and small changes are added to the third number (.2).
Since this is a minor update or bug fix, it won't add big things such as new code blocks.
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