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thanks for the memories


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Sep 4, 2020
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just thought i'd update this

i may not leave permanently, i just need an extended break from this community and it's reception towards me.

don't think i'm going completely ghost, i'm keeping tabs on the community still, and i may come back after several months, or even sooner with chat disabled if i feel so inclined, but don't expect major activity anytime soon.

also gonna take a second to reply to some responses

Idk how to respond, i just don't want you to be sad 😔
i'm doing my best, this whole thing is just a step for me to improve my mental health

Sucks to see you go, but I hope your mental improves :) Hope you'll hop on a few times, but I can understand how taxing being a very popular player (and moderator) on the server can be.
like i said, i'll definitely hop on, and i'm still keeping tabs :)

While it's almost definitely too little too late, and while I do still hold on to certain sentiments, I also feel an apology is in order - for the unaware, following stuff about sluds leaving the discord and whatnot, I threw together a quick thing on Milwer 2 to make fun of him. It was in very poor taste - I know how I'd feel in the same situation as you are right now, and I know I wouldn't want to be in that spot myself. While I know I wasn't the whole of the equation, I can at least try to apologize for what part I did play, so I'm sorry, for whatever little that might be worth. It wasn't right for me to handle that situation the way I did.
i'm gonna be honest, that whole thing was kind of the catalyst to finalize my decision to step away. even when i'm leaving, people still felt the need to hate on something that happened half a year ago and that i've apologized for publicly several times :)

but at least you apologized, and i forgive you.

I appreciate all the work, thought, and dedication you have put into being a moderator at DiamondFire. I am sure others do as well, and I would just like to say that you have done great at inspiring others by showing how great of plots you can produce.

You are very talented, and manage to make great-looking plots in such a short amount of time. I hope you find a place where you will not need to be constantly bashed for the same nonsense over and over again. Most importantly, a place that won't bring you great stress. I'm very sorry you have had to go through all of this mess, but I hope you bring your great talent into a place that deserves it. ❤️
thank you! i'll definitely find a better place for my mental health. i've been looking into getting a Hypixel staff position :)

I'm sad to see you go! You've been a premier creator on DiamondFire for a long time, and your games have provided hours of fun for literally thousands of people. Haters aside, I think I speak for most of DF when I say I appreciate the work that you've done here. Best of luck in your future endeavors, and know that there is a place for you here whenever you feel ready to return!
seeing this response really put it into perspective how much of an influence i am/was on this server, and i hope it continues to thrive in my absence. i really do love this server, so thank you Jere for giving me a hobby for 5+ years :)
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i honestly can't think of the concept of Sluds, one of the few people i always trusted on DF just leaving.

dude what happened to DF why is it suddenly harder to be in than before.
public minecraft server with videos on it from multiple youtubers that have audiences that contain uhh.. those people

what did you expect
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