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Unable to connect to Server/Website


New member
Jul 23, 2021
Hey everyone, I registered an account here because I've been having issues with connecting to the server or df website. Earlier today I left the server and attempted to join back a few hours later, only to receive a "Failed to connect, Unknown host" error. I've checked the server address and the server still seems to be up according to other sites, so I figured it was something server side, since I can only connect to the website ooutise of my wifi network. Does anyone know what the cause of the issue could be? It's been persistent for a litttle while now, I can only connect to the website off of cellular service, wifi doesn't work at all.


Community Manager
Aug 16, 2020
Hi, the website server should be working. Do other websites tend to fail? I checked into any possible situations, such as any banned accounts that were rejected to load any webpages, and you are clear from that.

Possible solution if using a Windows PC:
  1. Type in Network status into the "Type here to search" searchbar
  2. Click "Network reset" on the bottom:
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