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World Plot Testing & Feedback

Please note, you must be an overlord in order to access Node Beta.

World plots require a large rework of the inner workings of DiamondFire, and we want to make sure that we rework it in a way that all of you enjoy. We will be collecting feedback in #world-plot-feedback, reading missing content/bugs in #beta-issues, and most importantly making them enjoyed by everyone!

Channels are located in DFS.

Getting Started

All of your beta plots have been migrated to world plots. You can play around with your plots and do whatever you want, we need to collect as much feedback as we can!


World plots are still in development, we cannot promise that your plots will be safe. If you have any important plots on node beta, we recommend you save the code into code templates and store them in your toolbars. It should also be noted that this is not the final implementation for anything, lots of things still need to be worked on.
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