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About DiamondFire
DiamondFire | About

About DiamondFire

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DiamondFire is a Minecraft server with a block-based programming language. Create your own mini-games with a sequence of blocks without any coding knowledge!

The system is easy to use and requires no prior programming experience. It's the easiest way for players to create their own Minecraft minigames and share them with the world! There's no need to set up a server, to know how to write code, or to download any client mods. Just join mcdiamondfire.com and get creating!

In February 2016, DiamondFire was named the #1 Minigame Server by the Minecraft Forum! Our server has consistently been praised for its unique concept and thriving community!

In July 2017, DiamondFire was showcased at the Scratch 2017 Conference in Bordeaux, France! Scratch is a computer science education tool developed by MIT. By providing a block-based coding system directly within Minecraft multiplayer, DiamondFire teaches programming concepts in a unique social environment; this results in high engagement and strong learning outcomes! Here's a video of DiamondFire's creators speaking to educators at the conference about the platform.

DiamondFire has also been featured by many amazing YouTubers from around the world! Here's an awesome video from July 2019, courtesy of the brilliant PhoenixSC!

You can also find videos from TheRedEngineer, Cimap, Couch Camping, McMakistein, TPC Bonehound, SystemZee, ItsZender, Jragon, TheMinecraftAvatar, Morrle, and MiniMuka!

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