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    Four Years

    Congratulations on the 4-year milestone!
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    I want to buy something

    Go ahead and choose the "Credit or Debit" card option at checkout! It'll take you to a PayPal window, and at the bottom there's a gray button that says "Pay with Credit or Debit Card".
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    add delay between projectiles.

    One easy way would be to use item cooldowns (like how ender pearls have a cooldown in vanilla). Before launching the fireball, add an "If Player: Item is Not on Cooldown" block and put the rod in the chest. Then, if the item is not on cooldown, launch the fireball and use "Player Action: Set...
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    Pictures from Jeremaster's cool new minigame

    The plot is called "Group Photo". Everyone who joins is saved as an NPC (disguised armor stand). As of right now about 180 players have joined!
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    is DiamondFire dying?

    This is like saying "YouTube wouldn't survive if everyone decided to stop making YouTube videos". Not a hot take, you're just speaking facts. There's no magic to having the staff team make games. Many staff already make some of DF's top games. Some of DF's top game makers become staff, too. As...
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    Joining DiamondFire

    For those who may not be familiar with joining multiplayer servers on Minecraft: Java Edition, here are the instructions for joining DiamondFire: 1. Launch Minecraft and click the "Multiplayer" button. 2. Click the "Add Server" button. 3. Enter "DiamondFire" in the server name field, and...
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    The Direction of DF's Games

    Overall I feel like game quality really improved after 5.2, there are so many more really awesome and well-made games these days.
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    DiamondFire Championship

    UPDATED 12/14. Updates in italics. The inaugural DiamondFire Championship will be a competition showcasing players' skills across a variety of games on DiamondFire. Players will compete in teams of 4 across 4 different events. The competition will take place on December 19th and December 20th...
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    Actually, I personally addressed this situation (an NSFW /importmap on Node Beta back in April) when it was brought to my attention. Penguinz22 took full responsibility and apologized. The offending maps had already been removed shortly after they were imported. Peng was issued a 24-hour tempban...
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    Black Friday Sale

    The DiamondFire BLACK FRIDAY SALE has begun! This is our biggest sale of the year (by a lot). How big, you ask? Here's the rundown on this year's discounts: ALL RANKS are 75% OFF. This means you could get Overlord for $25 USD with NO RANK. If you already have a rank, it could be as cheap as...
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    Old Website
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    How to make prices ajust on store?

    When you click "Add to cart" you'll be prompted for your Minecraft username... after you enter it the price will adjust. Looks like this was resolved, will keep this response here in case anyone else has this same question in the future.
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    DiamondFire Championship

    8AM PST is 5PM CEST, not 7PM.
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    DiamondFire Championship

    Depends on whatever scoring system each game uses. (e.g. winning a round or clocking a good time) We'd work out a format for each game and award gold, silver, bronze based on the results. Then combine the results across all 5-6 games and crown the DF Champions! The goal for selection is to...
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    DiamondFire Championship

    Plots would be selected by the event coordinators (such as Refriz and myself). In general, our aim would be to select a healthy variety of popular games that work well in competitive play. As Refriz said it's based on the popular plots of the time, but we would try to select a variety of genres...
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