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DiamondFire Championships 2 (+ Vote)

What date should we host DiamondFire Championships 2? [Vote for all dates that work for you]

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Sep 6, 2020
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Hello everyone! After a ""short"" hiatus we have a lot of news regarding DiamondFire Championships 2.

First off, we've been working on an exculsive championships game that will be played by the top 2 scoring teams to determine the winner, "Slamdown."
Slamdown is a basketball/shooter game where the goal is to get the ball to the other side while avoiding getting shot by the opposite team. Players will be expected to have a solid grasp of the game's mechanics and abilities before the tournament. The plot will be open for practice at /Join 70970 [Slamdown] shortly after this announcement.

The tournament will take place across 2 days. Signups will happen once a date for the tournament has been chosen. Voting will take place across 7 days.

Finally, we're going to explain the scoring process for each game.

One Shot: /join 70400
- It's a 2v2 Team Death Match, the team that gets the most kills in 2 minutes gets to move up in the tournament bracket.
- Points will be distributed based on how many times each team wins a match

Atlas Cube: /join 42064
- Teams will race against each other in 4 divisions. After each round, the slowest teams will be eliminated, and we repeat the cycle. Think of it like a Fall Guys style race.
- Your team's time is determined by the fastest player between you and your teammate.
- Points will be distributed based on how many rounds your team passes.

Menaces: /join 41800
- Members of each team will take turns battling the opposite team in a 1v1, round robin style (this means you'll play against each team member 1 time)
- The team that wins the most battles each round will move forward in a tournament bracket
- Points will be distributed based on how many rounds your team has won

Tag: /join 70121
- For each second you or your teammate are not it, your team gains a point. First person to reach 120 point advances their team in the tournament bracket
- Points will be distributed based on how many rounds your team wins

Oh, and one more thing:
The tournament map for One Shot will be playable for a limited time at /join 70400 [One Shot] for practice. Good luck to everyone who plans to participate, and we hope to see you for DiamondFire Championships 2!


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Jul 14, 2021
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Just in time for me to be unmuted so I can start trashtalking with 0 skill


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Oct 3, 2021
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if tqlted joins everyone's gonna be screwed :oops:


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Aug 5, 2022
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Im just waiting for this to take place ☠
i made a skin for me and my teamate already but i'm worried that i wont be able to play
due to the issue that i'm in Oceania and time zones arent easily lined up?
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