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Black Friday Sale

The DiamondFire BLACK FRIDAY SALE has begun! This is our biggest sale of the year (by a lot). How big, you ask? Here's the rundown on this year's discounts:

ALL RANKS are 75% OFF. This means you could get Overlord for $25 USD with NO RANK. If you already have a rank, it could be as cheap as $8.75.

ALL PLOTS are 66% OFF. This means a massive plot will cost $5 USD. Five dollars. I'd say you should get one but given how rare this deal is you should probably get ten just to be safe.

ALL BOOSTERS will be 66% OFF. This makes a 3x booster cost $2 USD and a 5-pack of 2x boosters cost about $5.28. For a little over 20 bucks you could 2x boost the server continuously for 60 hours.

The sale will will end at 11:59PM PST on Friday, November 27th. Do not miss out!

Here is the store link: https://store.mcdiamondfire.com/
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