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Coding Constraints


Sep 8, 2020
So. A few weeks ago, I decided to make a plot with no if-statement code blocks (this includes repeats with ifs). I did not carry through, though it is completely possible to make a functioning complex game with no if-statements. I might return to it, but who knows.

I'm wondering... are there any other things that you could do away with? Some code blocks can definitely be left unused and have easy alternatives, but can you think of any more general challenges or constraints? ie: no if-statements, no repeats (this one is a pretty simple one), etc.

Maybe you're thinking: "yeah definitely i could make a game with no if-statements i just dont need to have any ifs in my game i can make it super simple haha". Well, perhaps, yes, but ifs are pretty important. Also, that't not the spirit of the challenge :/

If you'd like, you could try making a complex-ish (not really idk but it shouldnt be just super simple) game with no ifs. I really don't see any point to it other than a deeper understanding of code mechanics and to flex, but hey, if you like challenges, here you go.

oh yeah returning to the point what are some constraints and challenges that might not seem possible to work with at first but could be possible? tell me


Active member
Sep 12, 2020
Working without IFs is really handy when you're using selections.
When you have a complex selection it's either use branchless programming or make a custom push/pop system for selections.
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