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Forum name change


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Once we roll out the latest XenForo forum software patch, this thread will officially go inactive. When rolled out, an announcement will be made

Hey everyone,

This is a very temporary thread for if you'd like to change your forum username to something else. It is recommended to keep it similar to your Minecraft IGN, but is purely optional.

The reason for this thread is because firstly, you are not allowed to change your forum username once your account is created. Secondly, some prefer a different username, or a more unique name that is similar to their Minecraft IGN, or simply they want to fix some letters so they aren't capitalized (e.g: refrizor to Refrizor).

If you want to submit a request to change your forum username, post your new forum name and it will be considered. :)

  • For now, you can only submit one request- it might be final! Choose wisely if you are fixing up or changing it
    • If it's a simple capitalization change, you may also be exempted but will have to wait 30 days to change
  • If you change your Minecraft Username, just start a conversation with me or post if this thread is still opened. You are allowed to change your forum name with your Minecraft name, even once this thread is locked
  • Keep it appropriate, follow the community guidelines
  • You cannot choose a name of another DiamondFire player for obvious reasons
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henlio i want name changed to

Hi there! Request received & your username was changed to HENLO_OMTEGU. Be aware that you might not be able to change your forum username again unless it corresponds with an MC account. If you want to change it again under a Minecraft account, you must wait 30 days.



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Alright now that you've unlocked the thread, may you change my name to <Antumbra> to keep the trend going, since before i had the screenshot of a Zenith unit as my profile picture, now i have an Antumbra unit, so i would like to have <Antumbra> as my name to fit my profile picture just like last time.