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Website update!

- Website update -
Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that the website has been updated to a new software patch, which introduces lots of new features to the community who use the forums! The new features are now being utilized to help make the website an even more awesome place for everyone here.

Some of the new patch features that affects the community:
  • Profile banners​
    • Attach a fancy image to your forum account. This is currently unlocked for everyone who has a forum account, and no restrictions were decided to put into place. Please be sure to follow the rules before setting a banner.​
  • New forum thread types
    • Some of our forum areas have been updated to use the new forum types!
    • A new forum area was created - Support, and you can mark other comments as an answer to help others out!
    • Our feedback forum was updated to use a new thread type for suggestions, so you can now upvote and downvote suggestions!
      • I have converted reactions for each suggestion as an upvote, so you may already have an upvote if you previously suggested something.
  • You can now change your forum username in your account details without posting a thread request. We put in a limit so that you can only change your name again after 30 days. The previous thread for change requests is officially inactive, so don't post requests there.
    • yvpGhmJ.png

Other changes

For the regular website theme we use, I decided to clean install a new version for it to be safe to ensure a smooth update transition. The overall website color pallet has been modified to look more visually appealing. However, because of this change, Dark mode has gone inactive (at least for now). An update is planned to repurpose the new theme for a dark mode variant, so stay tuned for more information if you are interested. If you have any feedback for this theme update, feel free to leave a post below!

Additionally, there are a few website new trophies that users can receive! You can view the full trophy list here!


You can read the full list of website patch-related changes over at https://xenforo.com/community/threads/xenforo-2-2-0-add-ons-released.185814
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please add a new dark mode my eyes hurt already
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