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Bread King [Inspired by Cactus King]

"What is Bread King?" I hear you ask... well Bread King is a king game about bread as you might has guessed... Bread King has something Cactus King probably does not have: A tutorial you can see it by typing in chat "@Tutorial" Bread King also has some cool upgrades like" Bread Tree [200 coins]. Bread King is currently not 100% finished, but working on it! Here at Bread Inc. we love you the community and will always listen to them if they see a bug or have a suggestion! Unless the suggestion is add hoes for better farming! You can see it in the Minecraft server McDiamondFire [mcdiamondfire.com 1.16.5+] and type the command /join 51401


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Sep 6, 2020
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No offense but do we really need more king games? 🤔
why categorize games and their necessity by their genre when they can be vastly different and bring new things to the table? 🤔
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